Today, the pollen count is 7.5.  It’s not great.  Ideally, I need the pollen count to be 6 or less for about two weeks – and then I can recover.

I woke up anemic today, which is annoying, but not painful.  It adds to my exhaustion, and I already have low energy (due to fighting allergens for 70 days and also due to fibromyalgia). Anemia makes me very spacey and unfocused in a way that is completely different from what Benadryl does to me or what “fibro fog” feels like.

It’s going to take me about a week or two to re-grow the blood that I lost because my body decided to have a heavy period sixty-some days into Spring Pollen Season. There is nothing I can do about that.

Someday, I’ll be in menopause – which I am looking forward to.  No more periods means no more risk of randomly becoming anemic due to blood loss.  The borderline anemia is the only chronic illness I have that can be “cured”.

At the time I am writing this blog, my eyes are itching terribly.  Anemia made me take a nap and I slept right through when I was supposed to take my daily antihistamine.  I have taken it, but it either hasn’t kicked in yet or it just isn’t going to help.  So, now I play the “should I take another allergy medication or wait” game.

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