The Darkening of Tristram is a special Anniversary event that becomes available in Diablo III every January.  The first time this event was released was on December 31, 2017.  It was the 20 year anniversary of the release of Diablo I.

Players who compete the event with a brand new, Level 1 character, will earn the Butcher Pet.  You must go through the Labyrinth, and slay The Dark Lord, in a solo game.

In 2017, I completed The Darkening of Tristram event with Gurr the Barbarian, a softcore character that I used Season Rebirth on.  He wasn’t, technically speaking, a Level 1 character – so I failed to earn The Butcher pet.

This year, I rolled a brand new Necromancer.  Kalekai is a softcore Necromancer, and my very first one.  In order to earn The Butcher pet, players must complete The Darkening of Tristram event in a solo game.

To earn The Butcher Pet, a player must get a character that started at Level 1 (like Kalekai) all the way through The Darkening of Tristram labyrinth and Slay The Dark Lord. To get there, a player must use the portal that is in The Old Ruins and go back in time to Tristram.  The labyrinth is located in the cathedral.

As you can see, The Darkening of Tristram event has intentionally been given the look that the original Diablo game had.  You’ll notice a very big difference the first time you portal back to town and see how detailed and smooth Diablo III is.

Labyrinth Level 1

Labyrinth Level 2

Labyrinth Level 3

Labyrinth Level 4

Labyrinth Level 5

Labyrinth Level 6


Labyrinth Level 7

Labyrinth Level 8

Labyrinth Level 9

Labyrinth Level 10

Labyrinth Level 11

Labyrinth Level 12

Labyrinth Level 13


Labyrinth Level 14

Labyrinth Level 15

Labyrinth Level 16

The very last level of the Labyrinth is called Unholy Altar.

A series of events will lead the player to The Dark Lord. Players have to fight him, a few yellow monsters, and some random lower level monsters at the same time.  The Dark Lord looks like Diablo did 20 years ago (in Sanctuary time) when he was infesting the Tristram Cathedral.

An Eerie Red Glow Blurs Your Vision: Kill the Dark Lord in a solo game starting with a Level 1 character in The Darkening of Tristram Event.


The notification that a player has earned a pet pops up on the screen.  It also appears in the Achievements list, in case you missed it.

Most of the pets in Diablo III end up in a players bag as an item.  Players must click on that item to put the pet into their Wardrobe.  The Butcher pet automatically ends up in a player’s Wardrobe. So, don’t panic if you earn the Butcher pet and don’t get the item that normally would go along with a pet.

Players can go to their Wardrobe at any time to view their collection of pets. The Wardrobe is located in the area that belongs to Myriam Jahzia, the Mystic.  Pick a pet, equip it, and bring it along.  All pets pick up gold for you.

He may be little, but he is fierce.

Here is what the Butcher pet looks like in game.  He is following my Necromancer.

Here is Kalekai the Necromancer with the Butcher pet, who is definitely smaller than The Butcher.

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