Today is Day 14 of the 2017 Fall pollen season, and I am in allergy hell. One of my eyes is extremely itchy, and the other is even worse. I’ve taken three different allergy medications and haven’t gotten any relief yet. This year’s Fall pollen season escalated quickly.

My day started with eye pain. I decided to start fighting it by taking medicine that I am supposed to take daily anyway. It reduces inflammation. After waiting for that to work, and then waiting a bit longer, I took a second medication in the hopes of reducing my eye pain.

Somewhere in the middle, the smell of grass came wafting through the open window. Ideally, I’d love to be able to keep all windows closed for the entire 2017 Fall pollen season, but that’s just not possible. We live in a mobile home that doesn’t have air conditioning (other than a window AC that is in the bedroom). Keeping the windows closed quickly makes this tin box we are living in unbearable.

My husband closed the windows for me, for a while. Doing so didn’t do much for my allergy symptoms. I am writing this blog shortly after taking half a Benadryl – the third allergy medication I have needed today.

The most frustrating thing about this is that we live in a mobile home park where almost no one has a lawn. The neighbor next door has a tiny lawn, which doesn’t appear to have been mowed today. The neighbor behind us has a small lawn, but wasn’t mowing it today, either.  Where the hell is the smell of grass coming from?  I don’t have an answer to that question.

I have been sick from allergies for two weeks in a row.

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