Classic WoW requires players to do a lot of running around. Mounts are scarce – and expensive. A friend of mine and I were playing the game and “hoofing it” together.

The screenshots in this blog were taken on September 10, 2019.

The first thing we worked on was finishing up The Venture Co. quest. Vaca and Neverlast hadn’t killed their quota of Venture Co. Workers and Venture Co. Supervisors.

The ran out of Venture Co. Supervisors, and had to wait for them to respawn. The workers were easy to spot, because they were outside doing stuff. The Supervisors, however, were standing around doing nothing inside these little huts. I guess that’s not surprising.

The unexpected thing is that it appears that Goblins really like pineapple wallpaper. Not all of the Venture Co. employees were Goblins, but I got the feeling that somewhere, there was a Goblin “high-up” in charge.

Goblins like pineapples on their walls. Do they also like it on their pizza? We neglected to ask them before killing them off.

We unexpectedly ran into Enforcer Emilgund, a Level 11 Elite. He wasn’t actually part of the quest we were working on – but he didn’t seem to care about that.

The ogres in WoW Classic are tiny compared to the ones in Retail WoW. Taurens tower over them here. If we had decided to play Gnomes instead, we would probably have a different perspective on the Ogres.

We keep finding giant bones of some unidentifiable creature. Was it a kodo? Why was it picked clean out here near where the Venture Co. workers were at? There are no answers to these questions. All we know for certain is that the creature was huge. (Tauren for scale.

Neverlast and Vaca had to walk through a grove of trees in order to turn in the quests they had completed. Somewhere along the way, Vaca hit Level 12. If I remember correctly, Neverlast was already at Level 12

Vaca and Neverlast returned to Morin Cloudstalker to turn in the quest he gave to them. He wasn’t hard to find.

Morin Cloudstalker: I don’t think there could be too much misinterpreting or ignoring that signal, hm? The Venture Co. will know not to take the tauren lightly, or to be so arrogant as to believe we would allow them to steal the natural resources around us without protest.

Vaca and Neverlast were also able to turn in the Supervisor Fizsprocket quest that Morin Cloudstalker gave us.

Morin Cloudstalker: My anger is somewhat lessened at the news that the villain Fizsprocket is dead. I will go through his personal effects and see if there is any additional information about what the Venture Co. has planned for the future. Thank you for your efforts, Vaca.

Vaca was able to replace her beloved Beatstick weapon with a better one called Goblin Smasher.

Kirge Sternhorn, in Camp Taurajo gave Neverlast and Vaca a quest that involved traveling to The Crossroads.

Kirge Sternhorn: I have foreseen your arrival, young warrior. Though perhaps you are not so young anymore.

I think that it is time for you to move deeper into this land. I can sense that you are destined for great things.

It is the Crossroads that you must seek out, for our lives with the orcs have become intertwined and they need assistance. Continue down this road toward the east and follow it north to the Crossroads. Find Thork within its walls, he has the Earthmother’s blessing.

The journey to The Crossroads was not an easy one.

Upon arriving at The Crossroads, the Tauren spoke with Tonga Runetotem. We needed to turn in a quest to him. The Barrens Oasis quest was given to Vaca and Neverlast by Arch Druid Hamuul Runetotem.

Tonga Runetotem: My brethren in Thunder Bluff were wise to send you, young warrior. For the mystery of the Barrens is one that I alone cannot unravel.

With your aid, let us hope we can find answers to our questions.

Torga Runetotem gave us a new quest to work on.

Torga Runetotem: Long ago, the Barrens was a lush place, teeming with life. But war and cataclysm raged across the land, scorching it and leaving a dry husk. Such is the way of things, and it saddens my heart.

But within the past few years, new oases have formed deep in the Barrens, and life stirs. And deep down, we druids sense a power leaking its way to the surface.

We must find its source. Travel to the Forgotten Pools, northwest of the Crossroads. Search its waters for a source of power, then return here.

Before we left The Crossroads, we talked to Thonk. This Orc was the one that Kirge Sternhorn mentions when he gave us The Crossroads quest.

Thork: Welcome to the Crossroads, warrior. My name is Thork — I lead the defenses here in the name of the Warchief.

Please, feel free to make yourself at home. As long as you mind your business, no one should have any problem with you taking up some space.

There are many threats to our safety here. If you’ve already become familiar with the lay of the land, speak to the others here — perhaps they have tasks for you to do.

Kirge Sternhorn told us: “…our lives with the orcs have become intertwined and they need assistance.” He was absolutely right about that! Thork had not one, but two quests for us. Thork also recommended we seek out others who are at The Crossroads who might have tasks for us.

This seemed like too much to take on at once, so the Tauren rested here.

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