Flight Rising is a game that is primarily about managing your Lair of dragons.  There are also a bunch of fun achievements that you can earn.  One of them is called “Getting a Little Cramped”. This is an achievement that you will, eventually, earn over time.

There are things you can do to speed up the process, though.  Here is how I earned the “Getting a Little Cramped” Achievement. All of the artwork in this post is copyright of Flight Rising.

Familiars are kind of like pets for your dragons.  You can assign any Familiar to any dragon in your Lair.  Choose wisely, because you can only have one of each type of Familiar.

Click on the Familiar once every day to help it bond with your dragon.  In return, you get some treasure.  Sometimes you will get a chest that you have to open to see what it inside it.  Chests could hold anything from treasure, gems, apparel, chess pieces, and even a Familiar.  The more Familiars in your Lair, the more treasure and loot you can collect every day.

Getting a Little Cramped: Collect 25 Familiars in your Bestiary. – Points: 20 – Earned 2014-01-30

The “Getting a Little Cramped” Achievement is one that you earn the moment you have collected 25 Familiars.  It does not matter what type of Familiars you have.  All of them count!  Where can you get Familiars from?

* Buy them from the Auction House

* Collect enough special currency to purchase a Familiar from the Festive Favors shop

* Have a Familiar randomly drop for you after a successful battle in the Coliseum

* A Familiar can be hiding inside an unopened chest

* Your friends can give you a Familiar.

How many Familiars do you have?  There is an easy way to find out.  There is an icon that looks like a book.  It is located right above the icon that tells you how many Achievement points you have.  The book icon will have a number by it.  That is how many Familiars you have right now.

How did I get 25 Familiars?  I bought the Ice Sprite Familiar from the Festive Favors booth in January, during the Crystalline Gala.  Almost all of the rest of them were random drops from either a victorious battle in the Coliseum or from chests that I opened.  When I noticed that I only needed two more Familiars to earn the “Getting a Little Cramped” Achievement, I went to the Auction House and bought two that I did not yet have.

Here are all 25 of my Familiars.  They are in no particular order.

Grey River Flight, Death’s-Head Stag, Leafy Moth, Autumn Dryad, Clouddancer

They are: Blufin Charger, Strangler, Sakura Owl, Dryad, Blue Dragon Reef Snail

They are: Zeeba, Maned Rasa, Radioactive Slime, Ice Sprite, Golden Bantam Fangar

They are: Clown Charger, Wildwood Owl, Black Wolf, Crowned Bonepriest, Red-Winged Owlcat

They are: Elk, Amaranth Moth, Blooming Strangler, Shadow Serpent, Ragamouse

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