Flight Rising is a game where you manage an ever growing group of dragons. There are plenty of achievements in this game. Some of them deal with breeding. Put two dragons together, hope they produce a baby with a “special” gene, earn an achievement!

I tried to earn the Glossy Finish Achievement, but my dragons didn’t cooperate. Achievement fail! I’ll have to try again. All of the artwork in this post is copyright of Flight Rising.

The Glossy Finish Achievement requires you to get two of your dragons to produce a baby that has the Iridescent Primary gene. I gave it a try, but didn’t have any luck this time. Here’s how things went.

These are the parent dragons I selected.

Rynzin is a male Guardian.
Primary: Navy Basic
Secondary: Silver Freckle
Teritary: Gold Basic

Trixibelle is a female Fae.
Primary: Navy Iridescent
Secondary: Shadow Shimmer
Tertiary: Spring Basic

My hope was that these two dragons would produce at least one baby that had the Iridescent gene. They managed to produce four baby dragons, all of whom had the Speckle gene.  That would have been awesome if I was trying to earn the Sun Flecked Achievement. I’d already earned that one, though.

Here are what the babies looked like:

None of them had the Iridescent gene.  Glossy Finish Achievement – Fail!

Unnamed male Fae.
Primary: Navy Basic
Secondary: Coal Freckle
Tertiary: Gold Basic

I have so many Fae dragons!  None of them have the Freckle gene, though.  I’m going to keep this Fae for now, and see what he ends up looking like after he becomes an adult.  Right now, I don’t have any dragons that have the Crackle gene. Would this Fae look good with it?  It may take a while before I come up with a good name for this Fae.

The other three babies from this batch are all male Guardian dragons.  They look too much like their father.  These little guys are going on the Auction House.

Unnamed male Guardian 1
Primary: Navy Basic
Secondary: Midnight Freckle
Teritary: Gold Basic

Unnamed male Guardian 2
Primary: Navy Basic
Secondary: Obsidian Freckle
Tertiary: Gold Basic

Unnamed male Guardian 3
Primary: Navy Basic
Secondary: Midnight Freckle
Tertiary: Goldenrod Basic

I will update this blog later to include details about what ended up happening to the three male Guardian babies I put on the Auction House.  It would be really helpful if they all sold because I am trying to save up enough Treasure to buy more Lair space.

UPDATE:  All three of the unnamed male Guardian babies sold!  I got some money to put towards more Lair space.  All three of them were given a cute name, and were exalted to the Earthshaker.

Rockbreaker was exalted to the Earthshaker.

Gingersnap was exalted to the Earthshaker.

Dazzlenose was exalted to the Earthshaker.

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