The Flight Rising Legacy Challenge was created by justjasper. It is a 10 generation breeding challenge. The goal is to go from an ungened starter dragon to an attractive triple-gened dragon. There are specific rules and limitations that must be followed along the way.

In a previous blog, I purchased my “Founder” dragon. He makes up one half of the first generation. Next, I needed to find a mate for him (who would make up the other half of the first generation). All of the artwork you see in this post are copyright of Flight Rising.

There are some rules about which dragon can be a mate for my Founder dragon. It cannot be a dragon that you have previously purchased, were given as a gift, or that was born into your Dragon Lair. You have to purchase a new one from the Auction House. There is a spending limitation. You cannot pay more than 10,000 Treasure for the mate dragon.

There is another obvious limitation. The mate dragon has to be the opposite sex of your Founder dragon. My Founder dragon was male. This means I needed to find a female dragon to be his mate.

Necco is a male Tundra.
Primary: Storm Basic
Secondary: Pink Basic
Tertiary: Blue Basic

The female dragon that will be his mate must be the same flight as he is.  Necco is from the Ice Flight.  My Dragon Lair is part of the Shadow Flight.  It doesn’t matter what Flight your Founder dragon comes from.  It doesn’t have to match your Flight.  The point is to make sure the Founder and mate are from the same one.   (That rule applies when choosing mates for each new generation, too).

One more rule to follow: the mate must not have bred before.  You can check the dragons that are in the Auction House to see if they have had any babies.  Click on the dragon’s name (or, unnamed, as the case may be) and it will take you to more information about the dragon.  If it turns out that the dragon has already had babies – you have to choose a different one.

Ok, so here’s what I was looking for: female dragon, Ice Flight, never been bred, cost under 10,000 Treasure.  I ended up purchasing this one:

Frostbite is a female Imperial.
Primary: Coal Iridescent
Secondary: Sky Shimmer
Tertiary: Blue Underbelly

She was already named when she was placed on the Auction House.  The Challenge does allow you to use a Scroll of Renaming to change the name of a dragon.  I liked the name, so I kept it.

One of the reasons I decided to buy this dragon was because her Tertiary gene is Blue Underbelly.  The Underbelly part is a “special” gene.  Necco’s Tertiary is Blue Basic.  Maybe they would produce a baby with a Blue Tertiary gene.

Frostbite is from the Ice Flight, just like Necco.  So far, so good.  Her price was just within the limitations for the Challenge – 10,000 Treasure.

I checked to make sure she had not been bred before.  Look under where it says “Offspring”. There aren’t any dragon’s listed.  It says “none“.  This means that Frostbite has not been bred before.  She fit into the qualifications for the Challenge.

The last instruction for the First generation says: “When they’re ready, breed them”.   It took a while before they were both ready.  Tundra dragons and Imperial dragons do not have the same “cool down” for breeding.  When they were ready, I put them into the Nesting Ground and previewed potential offspring.  The preview is not a “promise”.  It’s more like a “possibility”.

They produced three eggs.


* 1st Generation – purchase of Founder – no scoring

* 1st Generation – purchase of Mate – no scoring

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