The Flight Rising Legacy Challenge was created by justjasper. It is a 10 generation breeding challenge. The goal is to go from an ungened starter dragon to an attractive triple-gened dragon.

There are specific rules and limitations associated with the challenge. Those who are participating, and posting it on Tumblr, should tag their posts with #flight rising legacy challenge. All of the artwork you see in this post are copyright of Flight Rising.

The rules for the “start” are simple. You need to begin with a dragon. There are two options to choose from in order to figure out what dragon to start with. One option is to obtain an unhatched egg to hatch, and use the dragon that comes from it.

I actually had an unhatched egg in my Hoard at the time that I first learned about the Flight Rising Legacy Challenge.   Finding it earned me the Arcane Egg Achievement.

Arcane Egg: Find or obtain an unhatched Arcane Egg. – Points: 20 – Earned: 2014-02-06

I was planning on using that unhatched egg for the Challenge.  Then, I absent-mindedly traded the unhatched Arcane Egg to Crim.  Oops!  So much for that idea!  My hope was that I would randomly find another unhatched egg while Gathering, but that did not happen.  This means I will be starting the Challenge with the second option.  Obtain an unbred, ungened, plentiful dragon.

What is a “plentiful” dragon?  To find out, I consulted the Flight Rising Encyclopedia.  There are 12 different breeds of dragons.  The breeds that are considered to be “plentiful” are (in order of listing): Fae, Guardian, Mirror, and Tundra.  I decided to let a four-sided die choose for me.  It came up with the number 4, which meant that I needed to start with a Tundra dragon.

The next step was to visit the Auction House.  One method that you are allowed to use when choosing a dragon to start the challenge with is to find the cheapest ungened plentiful dragon on the Auction House.  I decided to use this option to help me to determine which Tundra dragon to buy.   That would narrow things down for me.

What does ungened mean?  All dragons have three genes: Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary.  A dragon is considered to be ungened if it does not have any “special” genes.  In other words, I was restricted from purchasing a dragon that had any of the following genes:

* Tiger Primary Gene, Iridescent Primary Gene, Clown Primary Gene, Speckle Primary Gene

* Stripes Secondary Gene, Shimmer Secondary Gene, Eye Spot Secondary Gene, Freckle Secondary Gene, Seraph Secondary Gene

* Circuit Tertiary Gene, Gembond Tertiary Gene, Underbelly Tertiary Gene, Crackle Tertiary Gene

The restrictions left me with only a couple of dragons to choose from.  I ended up selecting this one:

This unnamed male Tundra dragon was selling for 5000 Treasure.  He came from the Ice Flight.  Baby dragons cannot breed.  They have to grow up first.  So far, so good.  It was obvious that this dragon had never been bred before.

I named him Necco (which Shawn suggested).  The dragon has the colors of Necco wafers!  He is ungened, so he fit all of the requirements of the Challenge.

Necco is a male Tundra.
Primary: Storm Basic
Secondary: Pink Basic
Teritary: Blue Basic

Necco is my Founder dragon for the Flight Rising Legacy Challenge.  He, and his mate, will be the First Generation.  Here is what Necco looks like as an adult:

After he, and his mate, have babies his “title” as Founder will pass on to one of them.  The information about the Flight Rising Legacy Challenge suggests that you use a piece of apparel to designate which dragon is currently the Founder.  Pass it along from one generation to the next.  That would make the Founder easy to spot!  Necco is an Ice dragon, so I decided to purchase a Frigid Emblem to mark him as the Founder.

Frigid Emblem: – Apparel – A glowing ice rune; the sign of a true magical adept.  (Crystalline Gala Holiday Item).

Necco is now wearing the Frigid Emblem.  Next, I need to follow the rules involved in selecting a mate for him.  Later, the two will breed.

* 1st Generation – purchase of Founder – no scoring

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