Albuqueso is the tenth town in the Kitchen Scramble game. The recipes in this town resemble foods made in Mexico and South American countries.

Pepper (the player character) had been offered the job of teaching International Cuisine next semester at Chef Academy. She needs to learn more international recipes before she can get the job.

Albuqueso requires players to learn several new recipes.

Players cannot access Albuqueso until the Truck Maintenance is done. It is a 24-hour, in-real-time roadblock.

Players cannot start Albuqueso until they purchase a Horchata Jug. It functions like the Iced Tea or Coffee Pot in other Kitchen Scramble towns.

The Horchata Jug costs 100,000 gold. Players that don’t have enough gold to buy it can go back to previous towns and play those levels to get more gold.

I had enough Kitchen Cash to buy the Premium Skillet. It costs 39 Kitchen Cash. Players can earn some Kitchen Cash by completing what I think of as “Daily Quests”, by watching ads, or by purchasing it with real-world money.

I probably should have upgraded the Skillet sooner than this. It would have made some levels a lot easier.

Pepper: I’ve always dreamed of visiting Albuqueso, and here I am!

Chef Crisp: Learning to make salsa and a few other basics is the perfect place to start…

Pepper: I can already smell the salsa in the air!

There are several new recipes that the player must learn for Level 215. All of these recipes are important, because they eventually become something customers ask for as “add-ons”.


Salsa Fresca

Cooked Beans

Spanish Rice


Here is what the inside of the food truck looks like at the start of Albuqueso. The Rice Cooker is the “starter” one that only makes two servings of rice. All the customers are ordering “add-ons” – because that’s all that is on the menu.

I got three stars on Level 215. It is the first Level in Albuqueso.

The Kitchen Scramble Wiki calls this NPC (non-player character) Soccer Player. Many of the Kitchen Scramble NPCs are named after what they do.

Soccer Player: Your salsa really has a kick! Just the way I like it.

Soccer Player: But you can’t keep serving salsa and guacamole without tortilla chips. It’s just not right.

Pepper: You’re right. I’ll take care of it.

A new recipe is added in Level 216 – Tortilla Chips.

I got three stars in Level 216. Players had to serve at least four Guacamole dishes to customers in order to complete this level.

Pepper: So, you play for the Albuqueso Burritos?

I am amused by the name of the soccer team. The word “burritos” refers to a food. It also means “little donkeys.” So, the team is the Albuqueso Little Donkeys!

Soccer Player: Yep. We’ve been on a terrible losing streak this year.

Soccer Player: But it’s not too late to turn things around. The big tournament starts this week.

Pepper: Then you’d better fuel up with some tacos! I have a new recipe I was just about to try…

There are two new recipes for Level 217.

Beef Taco

Chicken Taco

I got three stars on Level 217.

The new recipe for Level 218 is Nachos.

Players cannot make Nachos until they buy a new appliance.

The Clay Oven is slow. It is a required item, and is necessary for more than one recipe.

I got three stars in Level 218.

Pepper: Soccer games sure bring in a lot of business. I never knew the Albuqueso Burritos had so many fans.

Chef Crisp: Wonderful. Now, we’re still hoping that you’ll apply for the International Cuisine instructor position…

Chef Crisp: …so master as many recipes as you can while you’re here.

Here we go, again! Earlier in the game, when Pepper brought her food truck to Chef Academy, Chef Crisp implied that she wanted to hire Pepper as an instructor.

Unfortunately, instructors needed to have experience with at least six different regional cuisines. Pepper had only worked in three regions. Chef Crisp suggested Pepper go work on more regions, and set her up for a phone interview.

Later, when Pepper was in Dessert Oasis, Chef Crisp informed her that someone else had been hired for the instructor position. Chef Crisp asked Pepper to teach Onion Chopping 101, and Pepper took that job.

Long story short, the person hired to teach Regional Cuisine didn’t work out. That person – which just so happened to be Pepper’s rival – was supposed to teach International Cuisine the next semester.

Chef Crisp, once again, implied that Pepper could get that position – if she learned enough recipes from different regions. Chef Crisp has come to Albuqueso to pressure Pepper to learn as many recipes as possible, so she can get the job.

I see a pattern… but Pepper (the player character) is oblivious. I don’t think Pepper is going to actually get hired for the instructor position Chef Crisp is offering.

I’m also wondering who Chef Academy hired to teach Regional Cuisine, since their original instructor is definitely not teaching there anymore.

There are two new recipes for Level 219.

Monster Burrito

Burrito Bowl

I got three stars on Level 219. Players had to serve at least three Monster Burritos to customers in order to complete this level.

Hipster: Pepper, have you noticed a trend? The more burrito bowls I eat here, the more goals the soccer team scores.

Pepper: You’re right! You’d better keep on eating them! There are still 10 games left in the tournament.

Breakfast Burrito is the new recipe for Level 220.

I got three stars in Level 220.

Pepper: So you’re a big soccer fan too?

Cowboy: Yep. This might sound crazy, but ever since I started eating burritos here, the team’s been on a winning streak.

There is something about being a fan of a sports team that can inspire some people to become superstitious. In Albuqueso, the people have come to believe that eating burritos and burrito bowls from Pepper’s food truck is causing the soccer team to win games.

Obviously, correlation does not equal causation. That being said, “magical thinking” is one way that sports fans can feel like they have some control over whether or not their team wins. It is irrational, but probably harmless.

Pepper: Wow. You know, I’ve heard that eating stuffed peppers brings good luck too…

I’ve never heard of eating stuffed peppers in an effort to bring good luck. A Google search for those phrases only brought up stuffed pepper recipes.

Pepper seems to be trying to use her customer’s new found superstition to convince them to try stuffed peppers.

Nachos Supreme is the new recipe for Level 221.

I had enough Kitchen Cash to buy the Premium Rice Cooker. I recommend buying the premium items as soon as you can. They are much faster than the appliances that players can buy with in-game cash.

I got three stars in Level 221.

There are two new recipes that first appear in Level 222.

Cheese Quesadilla

Chicken Quesadilla

I got three stars in Level 222.

Stuffed Pepper is the new recipe for Level 223.

I got three stars on Level 223.

Cheese Enchiladas is the new recipe for Level 224.

I got three stars in Level 224.

There are two new recipes for Level 225.

Beef Enchiladas

Taco Salad

The Super Clay Oven is an upgrade to the Clay Oven. It costs 200,000 coins. Players are not required to buy this appliance. I found it helpful because it cooks faster than the Clay Oven does.

In the screenshot above, you can see that the Super Clay Oven is slightly fancier than the Clay Oven. This one has plant-like patterns painted on it!

This was a difficult level because the player can only have two customers leave. After that, the player can continue to serve whatever customers are still there – but will not get any more.

In addition, players have to serve at least eight Taco Salads to customers.

I got three stars in Level 225.

Soccer Player: Good news, Pepper! We lost our first tournament game by 2 points!

Pepper: That’s good news?

Soccer Player: It’s fantastic. We usually lose by at least 20 points.

Soccer Player: Ever since my team’s been eating here, we seem to have more energy on the field.

Pepper: Must be that spicy kick!

I got three stars in Level 226. It is the last Level in the first half of Albuqueso.

Here is the first half of Albuqueso after I finished Level 226.

The first customer of the day is the Chowder Monster, who first appeared in the Kitchen Scramble game in Chowderville. It is a very short tempered creature.

If you don’t feed the Chowder Monster fast enough, he throws a fit. He leaves, and takes one or two customers with him. When that happens, the player loses out on the money they could have earned from those customers.

It made sense for a Chowder Monster to appear in Chowderville. But, it doesn’t make sense for the creature to follow the food truck far away from the ocean. The Chowder Monster is there to annoy the player.

Huevos Rancheros is the new recipe for Level 227.

I got three stars in Level 227.

I got three stars in Level 228.

Taquitos are the new recipe for Level 229.

I only got one star in Level 229. It is a difficult level. Players have to serve at least seven Huevos Rancheros dishes to customers in order to complete the level. These customers are super impatient!

I tried Level 229 – several times – after I bought the Super Clay Oven. It didn’t make any difference in that level. I’m not sure anything will help with Level 229!

Chicken Tortilla Soup is the new recipe for Level 230.

I got three stars in Level 230.

Chicken Fajitas are the new recipe for Level 231.

I got three stars on Level 231.

Pepper: So you’re reporting on the comeback of the Albuqueso Burritos?

Reporter: It’s an amazing story. Nobody thought it was possible. They could win the whole tournament!

Reporter: And everyone’s talking about how your food played a role, from lucky burritos to salsa with a kick.

Pepper: Well, I can’t take credit for the team’s soccer skills, but I’m happy to keep them well fed!

I got three stars in Level 232.

Hot Chocolate was the new recipe for Level 233.

Pepper: Your team has been on fire! If you win the next two games, you’ll win the whole tournament, right?

Soccer Player: That’s right. I don’t know what spices you put into your food, but it’s made all the difference.

Chicken Mole was the new recipe for Level 233.

I got three stars in Level 233. Players had to serve at least seven Chicken Mole dishes to customers in order to complete this level.

I decided to buy the Horchata Dispenser upgrade, even though I was close to the end of Albuqueso. It dispenses 4 cups of horchata instead of 3.

It was worth it to purchase because it could be paid for in coins – the in-game currency. In addition, some of what I like to call the “Daily Quests” would send me into Albuqueso after I’d finished it.

I got three stars on Level 234.

I got three stars on Level 235.

I got three stars in Level 236.

I had enough Kitchen Cash to buy the Premium Chop Board. It is an appliance that carries over into some of the other Kitchen Scramble towns.

I got three stars on Level 237.

I got two stars on Level 238. In this level, players had to serve at least five Nacho Supreme dishes to customers. The game doesn’t always give players enough customers who order that dish.

The customers in this level were impatient. I suspect that if I had purchased the Premium Clay Stove (with Kitchen Cash), it might have helped me to get three stars.

I didn’t buy it because I was doing well enough to get two stars. I also didn’t think that appliance would transfer over to other towns.

Soccer Player: Can you believe it, Pepper? We won! The Burritos are the tournament champions!

Pepper: It was an incredible game! Congratulations! I’m so happy for you!

Soccer Player: All our fans are coming to celebrate with us here. So get ready to cook up a storm.

I got two stars on Level 239. It is the last level in Albuqueso. The last level in a town is often more hectic than any of the previous levels.

Pepper: What a victorious finish! Now that the tournament is over, and I’ve learned all the recipes here, I’m ready to move on!

Soccer Player: Come back anytime… we’ll forever be your biggest fans!

I completed the Albuqueso Location Goals. Players are not required to do this. Each Location Goal gives the player some Tokens. The Tokens can be used to get through Toll Gates.

Here is what the second half of Albuqueso looked like when I was done.

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