Chowderville is the sixth town in the Kitchen Scramble game. The recipes a player must learn include several seafood recipes. The goal is to serve the food to the customers before they get really angry and leave. Kitchen Scramble is a time-management game. Most of the recipes require two or more ingredients.

Players have to figure out which customer to serve first. Previously, this calculation involved figuring out what appliances were currently not in use, and guessing about which customers were the most likely to get angry the fastest.

In Chowderville, players are introduced to an extremely short-tempered character who makes the game more difficult.

New Appliance!: Lemon – Everyone loves a squeeze of fresh lemon!

The Lemon is a required item. Players cannot start working on the first level of Chowderville unless they purchase it. The strange thing about this one is that a lemon is not actually an appliance.

I’m guessing that Kitchen Scramble didn’t have a card (for lack of a better term) that would describe the lemon better. In Molassessippi, the required appliance was a 3-cup Sweet Tea Machine.

It costs 10,000 coins to purchase the Lemon. If you don’t have enough coins, you have to go back to towns that you already completed and play those levels again. Eventually, you will gather up enough coins to move on.

It’s a good idea to take a minute to learn how to do the new recipes when you start a new town. In the screenshot above, the Student is the customer. (She will always be your customer when you practice a recipe). Pepper is the player character. She is learning how to cook a crab.

In the screenshot above, Pepper is learning how to make raw clams. I don’t think that’s the actual name of the recipe, but it is what I think of it as.

There are other recipes that involve clams. One is a Clam Chowder, one is steamed clams, another one is Crab Cakes and the other… involves chopping up clams and then throwing them into the oven with some bread crumbs. There are also recipes that use crab as an ingredient.

Chef Crisp: Pepper, you’re parking your truck in Chowderville? Are you crazy?

Chef Crisp is an NPC (non-player character) that provides tutorials to the player. Earlier in the game, Chef Crisp sort of suggested that she wanted to hire Pepper as a professor at Chef Academy. In order to qualify, Pepper needed to master the cuisines of six regions (which I refer to as towns).

So far, Pepper has mastered the cuisines of Pittsburger, Waffleton, Mozzaroma, and Molassessippi. She needs to master the cuisines of two more towns, and Chowderville was next.

Pepper: Crazy about seafood, yes! I’m hoping to learn the secret to perfect crab cakes. 

Chef Crisp: But haven’t you heard of the Chowderville Sea Monster? Its voracious appetite has put every restaurant out of business here. You’ll never survive!

Pepper: I’m not worried. If there really is a Chowder Monster, I’ll happily feed it.

I got three stars on Level 115. It is the first level in Chowderville.

New Appliance!: Deep Fryer – A sizzling hot deal!

The Deep Fryer costs 50,000 gold. Many of the recipes in Chowderville require players to use the Deep Fryer.

Chef Crisp: Still no sign of the Chowder Monster?

Pepper: Of course not. There’s no such thing.

I got two stars on Level 116.

Fisherman: The waves were really rough today. I’m afraid the Chowder Monster has caught the scent of your cooking…

Pepper: Ha, well I’ve got plenty of food if he decides to show up. No problem.

Upgrade Unlocked!New upgrade available in the Market!

This upgrade is an improvement over the Deep Fryer that players had to buy in order to start Chowderville.

Deep Fryer L2: Fry food faster with this fancy fryer.

The Deep Fryer L2 costs 200,000 gold. It is quite a bit more expensive than the first Deep Fryer. The good news is that players are not required to purchase the Deep Fryer L2 if they don’t want to (or if they don’t have the gold to buy it now.) I had the gold, so I bought this upgrade.

Level 117 was difficult because it was one of those levels where players are required to serve a specific amount of a certain type of food. This time, the special food was steamed clams.

The steamed clams are easy to make – you just throw some clams into the big, blue, pot. The hard part was that the game doesn’t always give players enough customers who want to order the special food.

The screenshot above is a good example of what I mean. I’m supposed to be serving at least 5 steamed clams. I have a row of customers who all want fried shrimp. I find this frustrating because there have been times when I’ve earned all three stars, but didn’t serve enough of the special food – so I failed the level.  The three stars did not count.

If I remember correctly, Level 117 is the first time the player sees the Chowder Monster. He is the most impatient customer in the entire game.

His heart level goes down super fast, and then he starts pounding on the counter. When he is done throwing a fit, he leaves – and takes another random customer along with it.  This makes it harder for players to earn enough coins to get all three stars. The Chowder Monster can really screw up levels that end after the player has lost a certain amount of customers.

I got three stars in Level 117.

Pepper: Unbelievable! That huge tentacle… I nearly fainted! But as long as we keep the beast well-fed, we’ll be fine.

Fisherman: That’s right. Keep some chowder handy at all times.

According to the Kitchen Scramble Wiki, this character is the Fisherman. He first appears as a customer in Level 115. The Fisherman is right – the Chowder Monster always demands clam chowder when he first appears. Later on in Kitchen Scramble, the Chowder Monster starts demanding other recipes.

I got three stars on Level 118.

Upgrade Unlocked!New upgrade available in the Market!

This unlocked while I was playing through Chowderville, but it cannot be used in this town. The 5-cup Sweet Tea Machine is for Molassessippi (the town before Chowderville). I don’t remember if I purchased this upgrade. At the time I am writing this blog, it appears that the 5-cup Sweet Tea Machine has been removed from Kitchen Scramble.

I got three stars in Level 119.

Fisherman: Pepper, I’ve never seen the sea this rough in my life. I’m afraid that sea monster has told its friends about your cooking.

Pepper: Really? I mean… uh, the more the merrier?

I’m fairly certain that Level 120 was the first time players had to learn how to make Shrimp Fra Diavolo. It’s a bit tricky at first, because it involves three ingredients and three different appliances.

I recommend practicing this recipe before you start Level 120.

I got three stars in Level 120.

Level 121 required players to serve 3 orders of cooked crab. There recipe is simple. Throw a crab into the pot, let it cook, hand it to the customer. The problem is that the game will not always give players 3 customers who order cooked crab.

This can result in failing the level, even if the player had earned three stars. The stars won’t count unless the player served the right amount of the special food.

I got three stars in Level 121.

I also got three stars in Level 122, Level 123, and Level 124. I failed to take a screenshot that shows it, but the map at the top of this blog shows that I really did get three stars in those levels.

The screenshot above shows what the Chowder Monster looks like when he arrives at the food truck. This time, he wants fried shrimp.

If possible, it is a good idea to feed the Chowder Monster before he gets angry. When he leaves, he takes one or two customers along with it. The Chowder Monster makes it harder for players to earn stars and get coins.

I got three stars in Level 125.

I got three stars in Level 126.

Level 126 is the last level in the first part of Chowderville.

Players must pass a Token Gate before they can move on to the second part of Chowderville. It is possible for players to earn some Tokens for every star they earn. The other way to earn Tokens is to complete what I think of as the “Daily Quests”. The Chowderville Token Gate requires 100 Tokens.

I got three stars in Level 127. It is the first level in the second part of Chowderville.

This is what the inside of the food truck looks like in the second part of Chowderville. The original oven that players start with can only cook one thing at a time.

I got three stars on Level 128.

Hipster: Pepper, those monsters absolutely terrify me, but your food is worth the risk.

Pepper: Aw, thanks. My customers’ bravery and loyalty mean so much to me.

Level 129 requires players to serve 8 orders of Baked Haddock and to earn at least 3,200 coins. Lose two customers, and things end. The players can continue to serve the remaining customers (unless they get grumpy and leave). No new customers will arrive.

The Baked Haddock recipe requires the oven. The oven can only cook one thing at a time.

I got three stars in Level 129.

Upgrade Unlocked! New upgrade available in the Market!

The Premium Deep Fryer is an improvement over the Deep Fryer Level 2 that I purchased with coins earlier in Chowderville. It is not a required purchase.

The Premium Deep Fryer costs 39 Kitchen Cash. It is possible to earn some Kitchen Cash. I didn’t have enough Kitchen Cash to buy this appliance. It is possible to buy more Kitchen Cash for real-world currency, but I didn’t want to do that.

I got three stars in Level 130.

Level 31 requires players to serve at least 5 Baked Stuffed Lobster to customers. This recipe is complex, and it requires the oven – which can only cook one thing at a time. Players can only lose 2 customers in this level. I found this one to be difficult.

Again, the game doesn’t always give players the amount of customers they need in order to serve the right amount of the special food. It is impossible to hand customers something that they did not order.

I highly recommend that players practice making the Baked Stuffed Lobster until they become good at it before working on Level 131. Timing is everything in Kitchen Scramble, and I’ve noticed that a slight hesitation, or a mistake with a recipe, can easily cause a player to fail the level.

Here is how to make Baked Stuffed Lobster in Kitchen Scramble: start by throwing a crab into the cooking pot. Throw Breadcrumbs and Mayonaise the mixing bowl. Throw the Cooked Crab into the mixing bowl and give it time to mix itself. Put an uncooked lobster into the oven. Throw the crab mixture into the oven with the uncooked lobster.  Wait for the oven to cook it. Serve!

I got three stars in Level 131.  It definitely took more than one try!

I got three stars in Level 132.

I got three stars in Level 133.

Grandma: Pepper, dear, it’s getting too dangerous here. You should get out of town before it’s too late.

Pepper: No way. Not yet. I have just a few more recipes to master. I can’t give up now!

I got three stars in Level 134.

Level 135 required players to serve 4 Fried Haddock Sandwiches. Players must do this before they lose 2 customers.

At this point, I was getting tired of levels that cut off after two customers left and that also required players to serve a certain amount of a special food that took several steps to make. The Chowder Monster made things even more frustrating.

I got three stars in level 135. It took many tries!

I was only able to get two stars in Level 136.

Too many grumpy customers!

I got three stars on Level 137.

I was only able to get two stars on Level 138.

I was only able to get two starts on Level 139. It is the last level in Chowderville.

Chef Crisp: Amazing, Pepper! No chef at the Academy has ever been brave enough to master the cuisine of Chowderville, but you’ve done it!

Pepper: Whew! It was a little scary at times, but it’s an experience I’ll never forget.

The Chowderville Sea Monster (also known and the Chowder Monster) is notorious in Chowderville. The creature, and possibly some of its fellow Chowder Monsters, crawl out of the water and into the town. They are driven by the smell of cooked food.

The Chowder Monster has a very short temper. If his food isn’t served to him fast enough, he throws a fit. Then, he grabs one or two innocent customers, and presumably drags them off into the sea.

Somehow, nobody outside of Chowderville has heard of the Chowder Monster. Why hasn’t news about this horrible creature spread outside of the town?

Pepper didn’t believe it existed until it arrived at her food truck. She later describes her experience in Chowderville to Chef Crisp as “a little scary at times”. The Hipster told Pepper that he is terrified of the Chowder Monsters, and Grandma warned Pepper to get out of town because it has become too dangerous.

Chef Crisp, on the other hand, appears to be unconcerned about the Chowder Monster. She tells Pepper about the monster, but doesn’t actually do anything to help her deal with the creature. Chef Crisp praises Pepper for mastering the cuisine of Chowderville – and points out that no chef at the Chef Academy was brave enough to do that. One can only imagine what happened to the other chefs!

Nobody in Chowderville seems to care what happened to the people that got dragged off by Chowder Monsters. The people of Chowderville have something in common with the people of Mozzaroma. They all choose to ignore the biggest problems that their towns face.

Pepper: Still, I’ll be happy as a clam to go someplace that’s far, far away from the water…

I completed all three Chowderville Location Goals. Players don’t have to complete them in order to move on to the next town. I like to finish them anyway. It is an easy way to obtain Tokens.

Here is what the second part of Chowderville looked like after I had finished it. I was looking forward to moving on to whatever the next town was. Chowderville was frustrating, and I was sick and tired of the Chowder Monster making things more difficult.

Unfortunately, players had to wait for yet another Truck Maintenance. It counts down in real-time. I tend to stop playing Kitchen Scramble for a while and return after the Truck Maintenance is over. I think there is an option for impatient players who want to spend real-world money to speed up the count down.

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