Chef Academy 2 is the eighth town in the Kitchen Scramble game. The story line in the game indicates that this is supposed to be the same town as Chef Academy. But, they don’t look the same.

I guess the school had some renovations done while the main character was gone, because things aren’t quite in the same place as before. The cool thing is that the Chef Academy trees are green, but the Chef Academy 2 trees are orange. Time has passed.

Kitchen Scramble is a time management game where the player must make and serve food to customers. The player character is named Pepper, and her rival food truck owner is named Candace.

The player has heard all about Candace and her questionable quality of food, but hasn’t actually seen her in the game.  Candace makes her first appearance in Chef Academy 2.

The previous town, Dessert Oasis, ended with Truck Maintenance. It is a roadblock that prevents the player from immediately continuing into the next town.

Players have to wait 24 hours for the Truck Maintenance to be over.  Or, they could spend Kitchen Cash (which can be purchased for real-word currency). When I get stuck behind Truck Maintenance, I leave the game alone for a while, and eventually return after it times out.

Something new was added to the game. Level 172 has a present waiting for the player – if they can get to it quick enough. I’ve no idea what was inside the gift because I didn’t get there in time to open it.

This is what the inside of the food truck looks like at the start of Chef Academy 2. As you can see, the first level is one that restricts the player to a specific number of customers.

Chef Crisp: Pepper! You’re back! Does this mean…?

Pepper: Yes, I’d be honored to teach Onion Chopping 101. Let everyone know that my truck’s back on campus!

Earlier in the game, when Pepper first arrived in Chef Academy, Chef Crisp talked to her about becoming an instructor. She said that students were asking for Pepper to be their instructor.

Chef Crisp told Pepper that instructors have to have real world experience with at least six different regional cuisines. Pepper didn’t have that many yet, so she planned to go work on that.

When Pepper was working her way through Dessert Oasis, Chef Crisp came to check on her. Chef Crisp reminded Pepper to send in her application. After receiving the application, Chef Crisp assigned Pepper a time for a phone interview.

Unfortunately, the phone reception was really bad when Pepper had her interview. Chef Crisp returned to let Pepper know that she didn’t get the job. It was offered to someone else. Chef Crisp then offered Pepper the job of teaching Onion Chopping 101, and asked her to think about it.

Pepper has decided to take the job – while still running her food truck – which means the Onion Chopping 101 position doesn’t pay very much. Sadly, this sort of thing matches the real world, where part-time professors are paid so little that they end up living in their cars or in homeless shelters.

I got two stars in Level 165.  It is the first level in Chef Academy 2.

Cop: Pepper, I’m nervous about taking your Onion Chopping class. Not everyone knows how to safely handle those big sharp knives, you know.

The Kitchen Scramble Wiki says that this character is named Cop. Many of the characters are named after their professions. It would have been more appropriate if she was named Police Officer.

I get the feeling that Cop has seen some horrible things involving people who don’t know how to safely handle big sharp knives. Or, maybe she’s concerned that someone in the class has done awful things with big sharp knives.  Either way, this sounds like Cop is trying to prevent violence from happening in the classroom.

Pepper: Safety will be the first topic that we cover. Perhaps you could say a few words to the class.

Cop: I’d be honored! We’ll make it the safest Onion Chopping class ever.

I got two stars in Level 166.

Grandma: I’ve already learned so much from your class, Pepper. I’m not afraid to use the big chef knife anymore!

Pepper: Then sharpen up that blade, because tomorrow we’ll be making Onion Rings, Onion Soup and Onion Casserole.

Pepper: That reminds me, I’d better chop some things up before the lunch rush begins.

I got three stars in Level 167. This level required players to serve at least four Clam Chowders.

Candace: Oh, there you are, Pepper. Is that a new perfume you’re wearing, Eau de Onion?

Candace is Pepper’s food truck rival. Pepper focuses on fresh, healthy foods, while Candace adds chemicals (that she then dumped into the river in Mozzaroma.) There is no indication that Candace faced any consequences for doing so, other than losing customers who decided they preferred Pepper’s food.

Take a look at what these two chefs are wearing. Pepper has jeans and a t-shirt, with a plain white apron over them. Candace is dressed like she is about to enter a chemistry lab.

Candace has been mentioned in Kitchen Scramble by some of the NPCs (non-player characters) but this is the first time that the player actually sees Candace in game. One thing is clear – these two ladies are not friends.

Pepper: Nice to see you again too, Candace.

It appears that Pepper is actively trying to be nice. But, it’s not genuine. She referred to the Chowder Monster, who followed her food truck into Dessert Oasis, a friend. He’s the most annoying customer in the game!

Candace: Sorry you didn’t get the job to teach Regional Cuisine. But don’t worry, it’s in good hands… mine.

Chef Crisp told Pepper that “someone else” got the job that Pepper applied for. She avoided letting Pepper know that Candace was the one who got that job.

Candace: And if it goes well, which of course it will, I’ll be teaching International Cuisine next semester! If I need any onions sliced, I’ll let you know.

Pepper’s expression changed after she realized Candace was teaching the class she applied for. Players who have been following the story line in Kitchen Scramble will understand that Candace is a poor choice for the job.

I got three stars on Level 168.

I got three stars on Level 169.

Great! You made: Meat Loaf

Here is what the inside of the food truck looks like at this part of the game. I kind of hit a “wall” that was preventing me from making progress. Most of my appliances needed an upgrade.

Premium Mixer: This mixer is so fast, it turns tomatoes into tornadoes!

I managed to collect up 39 Kitchen Cash, mostly from doing what I think of as the Kitchen Scramble Daily Quests. I was having trouble earning starts in Chef Academy 2, so I decided to purchase the Premium Mixer. It made things a whole lot easier!

The Premium appliances are gold. The Premium Mixer is a lot fancier than that one I replaced it with.

I got three stars on Level 170.

I got three stars on Level 171. This level required players to serve at least three Mashed Sweet Potatoes to customers. It doesn’t sound hard.

Unfortunately, the game doesn’t always give players three customers who want to order Mashed Sweet Potatoes – and player cannot give a customer something that they did not order.

Great! You made: Mashed Sweet Potatoes

I got three stars on Level 172.

I got three stars on Level 173.

Pepper: So, you’re taking Candace Capers’ Regional Cuisine class?

Moonshiner: That’s right. But I might have to drop out. We’re all failing.

The Kitchen Scramble Wiki identifies this NPC as Moonshiner. When she visits the food truck, she will drink from a jug that has an apple on the front of it. She’s also got hay sticking out of her mouth, and looks disheveled.

I’m not sure what to think about this character. On the one hand, it feels like a stereotype of a person who lives in a rural area and is poor.

On the other hand, a character that is apparently drinking an alcoholic beverage from a jug all day… would probably look disheveled. Perhaps Moonshiner is a functioning alcoholic who happens to enjoy wearing overalls and straw hats?

The other issue here is that everyone in Candace’s class is failing. There will always be one or two students who fail a class. But, if the whole class is failing – that means the teacher doesn’t know how to assess her student’s skills, or that she isn’t teaching them the things they will be tested on. In short, Candace is a bad teacher.

Moonshiner: She shows off making all these fancy dishes, like Sweet Potato Pie, but she hasn’t even shown us how to properly bake a potato.

Pepper: Oh dear. Well, I’ll be baking plenty of sweet potatoes at the food truck. Stop by anytime!

This is what the inside of the food truck looks like for Level 174. It is one of those levels that stop after the player loses four customers. In addition, players have to serve at least six Banana Splits to customers.

Great! You made: Banana Split

It took me a long time to learn how to make a Banana Split in Kitchen Scramble. Players need to make a vanilla ice cream in the Ice Cream Maker. (This requires three ingredients).

Players also need to make a Whipped Cream, which requires two ingredients and makes use of the Premium Mixer. When both of those done, put them on the Work Board with a banana.  Wait for it to…  put itself together… and then rush it to the customer who wanted it.

I got three stars on Level 174 – and served fourteen Banana Split orders. It took many tries, with plenty of failures, before I was able to do this.

Candace: Oh, I’m so busy planning for International Cuisine next semester. What will you be teaching? Introduction to Potato Scrubbing?

Sounds like one of Candace’s failing students mentioned that Pepper was trying to help her learn how to bake potatoes. Obviously, this points out that Candace is a bad teacher. Instead of improving her teaching skills, or become more aware of what her students need to learn from her… Candace decides to insult Pepper.

Pepper: Very funny. It must be hard to find time to teach your students when you’re so busy planning classes.

I think that Pepper is intentionally being sarcastic here. She’s making a subtle point that Candace hasn’t bothered to teach her students the things that they needed to learn from her.

Candace: Tell me about it. Well you’d better head off to your little dump truck. I mean, food truck.

I got three stars on Level 175.

I got three stars on Level 176. It is the last level in the first half of Chef Academy 2.

 A Token Gate blocks the player’s progress into the second part of Chef Academy 2. It costs 45 Tokens.  The Tokens can be earned by getting one, two, or three stars in a level. They are also sometimes offered a a prize for completing what I like to call Kitchen Scramble’s “Daily Quests”.

Players must pay the required amount of Tokens to unlock the Token Gate.

I got three stars on Level 177. It is the first level in the second part of Chef Academy 2. In this level, players had to serve at least five Whipped Cream orders to customers.

Fashionista: Pepper, your Onion Chopping class brought me to tears. I’d never chopped an onion in my life, but now I can do it in 30 seconds without breaking a nail!

Pepper: That is something to be proud of.

Fashionista: Now if only I weren’t failing Regional Cuisine. The best part of that class is the end, when I can leave an grab lunch at your truck! 

So far, the Fashionista, and the Moonshiner, have told Pepper that they are failing Candace’s class.

I got three stars on level 178.

I got two stars in Level 179, but forgot to take a screenshot. If you look at the map at the bottom of this blog post, you can see that I really did get two stars. Level 179 requires players to serve at least three Shrimp Fra Diavolo to customers.

Chef Crisp: We’ve just asked Professor Candace Capers to resign. She flunked her entire class. She claims that none of them are cut out to be chefs.

Pepper: Wow. But who’s going to teach International Cuisine next semester?

Chef Crisp: I have some ideas. Oh, but there’s already a line forming at your food truck… let’s talk soon!

I got three stars on Level 180.

I got three stars in Level 181.

I got two stars on Level 182.

I was having so much trouble with Level 182 that I actually spent Kitchen Cash to obtain a Premium ingredient called Extra-Creamy Milk.  Personally, I think this sounds absolutely disgusting. Premium ingredients are useful because they cause customers to pay extra for recipes that include Premium ingredients.

Using up Kitchen Cash on ingredients, in the hope of getting three stars, is not the best idea. Doing so got me as far as two stars – but didn’t get me to three stars. The more Kitchen Cash a player spends on Premium Ingredients, the less they have to spend on upgrading their appliances.

Level 183 includes some customers who don’t tell the player what, exactly, they want. The good news is that these customers will take anything you make for them. It is an opportunity to serve recipes that include Premium Ingredients and make some extra coins.

I got three stars on Level 183.

This is what the inside of the food truck looks like for Level 184. I just realized that the rug has the letter C and the letter A on it – which must stand for Chef Academy.

Level 184 limits players to only nine customers. Obviously, that makes it difficult for the player to earn stars.

I got two stars on Level 184.

Chef Crisp: We’ve never had so many students raving about Onion Chopping. How would you like to teach International Cuisine?

Pepper: But I don’t have much experience with International Cuisine.

Chef Crisp: Just take your food truck on the road again during the break. Learn as much international cooking as you can.

This isn’t the first time Chef Crisp has suggested that she wanted to hire Pepper to teach a class at Chef Academy as a Professor. That obviously didn’t work out, and Pepper shouldn’t trust what Chef Crisp says.

Pepper: Of course! I’ll get the truck tuned up and ready to go!

Pepper seems to believe whatever people tell her, especially if they are someone she knows and likes. There’s reason to believe that she’s setting herself up for disappointment all over again.

I got two stars in Level 185. This level requires players to serve at least four orders of Baked Stuffed Lobster.

I got three stars on Level 186.

I got two stars on Level 187.

I got three stars on Level 188. This level requires players to serve at least five orders of chocolate chip cookies to customers.

Pepper: It’s finals week here, and all the students seem hungrier than ever. I hope I can get them through this!

I got three stars on Level 189. It is the last level in Chef Academy 2.

Pepper: Unbelievable! That was crazy, but I survived the semester!

I completed all three Location Goals for Chef Academy 2. The hardest one was the “Serve 350 Banana Splits” goal. After completing all the levels, I had to spend Groceries (the game’s version of Energy) to try and serve more Banana Splits.

Players don’t have to complete the Location Goals in order to move on to the next town.

Here is what the second part of Chef Academy 2 looked like when I was done with it.

As usual, there is a Truck Maintenance that prevents players from moving on to Little Wok (the next town). It takes 24 hours in real-time before it disappears.

There is the option of spending 15 Kitchen Cash to speed it up – but it doesn’t sound like spending it will instantly remove the Truck Maintenance roadblock.

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