Cookiehagen is the eleventh town in the Kitchen Scramble game. The recipes in this town include a variety of cookies, and some foods and beverages, that seem like things people would consume near Christmas.

The cold, snowy, landscape of Cookiehagen seems impossible since it is located right next to warm, sunny, Albuqueso.

It turns out that Pepper, the player character, accidentally ended up there.

After a player finishes Albuqueso, they must wait until Truck Maintenance is done. It is a 24-hour, real-time roadblock. Those who have 15 Kitchen Cash can spend it if they want to immediately move on to Cookiehagen.

Kitchen Cash can be earned in-game. Or, player can pay real world money for it. When I hit the Truck Maintenance roadblock, I stop playing Kitchen Scramble and come back to it at least 24 hours later.

Pepper: You wouldn’t believe the snowstorm that I hit after leaving Albuqueso. I could barely see where I was driving. Somehow, I ended up in Cookiehagen!

Chef Crisp: Wow, it’s quite a detour from your international cuisine trip! But don’t worry about that…

Chef Crisp: Cookiehagen is a delightful place to learn seasonal recipes. You can get back to international cuisine after the holiday season.

Pepper is trying to learn more international cuisine recipes so she can take the teaching job at Chef Academy that Chef Crisp offered her. This is not the first time Chef Crisp has offered Pepper a job like this. Last time, they ended up hiring someone else.

I feel like there’s going to be some kind of shenanigans that prevent Pepper from getting the promised teaching job. Again.

Pepper: This place reminds me of Sweetzerland. You said that they like some of the same recipes here?

Chef Crisp: Yes, but there are lots more recipes to learn. Oh, and they LOVE cookies. You’ll be a master cookie cutter before long! 

The new recipes for Level 240 are:

Mulled Cider

Peppermint Hot Chocolate

Sugar Man Cookies

Sugar Star Cookies

Sugar Tree Cookies

I am not surprised that a town named Cookiehagen includes plenty of cookie recipes that involve cookie cutters. That said, I wasn’t expecting to have to buy a special cookie cutting board in order to begin playing the levels in this town.

The Cookie Cutting Board is a required item. It costs 100,000 gold (the in-game currency). Players that don’t have that much gold when they start Cookiehagen can go back to previous towns, play those levels, and gather more gold.

I happened to have enough gold to buy the Cookie Cutting Board.

Cookiehagen has a new thing going on in the food truck. So far, the player made recipes by putting the right ingredients into the appropriate appliance. In Cookiehagen, there is an extra step if you are making “Christmas cookies”.

Chef Crisp: Let’s try out the new cookie cutting board! The customer would like star shaped sugar cookies.

Chef Crisp: We’ll start by making a typical cookie base. First grab an egg…

Chef Crisp: …and some butter…

Chef Crisp: …and drop them into the mixer.

Chef Crisp: Now add some sugar.

This part of the tutorial is teaching the player the three ingredients that are required to make cookie batter. It is needed for all of the “Christmas cookie” types, as well as two additional “regular” cookie types.

By the time you are finished with Cookiehagen, you will have made so many cookies that you will have the cookie batter ingredients memorized.

Chef Crisp: Good. Now bring the bowl over to the cookie cutting board.

Chef Crisp: Add some flour…

Chef Crisp: …and finally some cinnamon.

The sugar cookies require flour and cinnamon. Chocolate cookies need flour and chocolate. There are also ginger cookies that need flour and ginger added to them.

Chef Crisp: Then choose the star-shaped cookie cutter.

The tricky part is remembering which shape of cookie a customer wants. This is especially true when there are multiple customers asking for the same type of cookie – but who want different shapes.

Choose wisely! If you pick the wrong shape, and no other customers happen to want that shape of cookie with that type of batter – it is a waste of time. You have to start all over again and hope the customer doesn’t get angry and leave.

Chef Crisp: When they’re ready, just pop them in the oven, and you’re done!

When I get the cookie shape and necessary ingredients right, I put the cookies into the oven. The cookie cutting board is slow, and it takes a while before the batter can be moved from it.

The oven I started with was the lowest-level oven in the game. Eventually, I was able to purchase the double oven (piece by piece).

Sometimes, when I get the cookie shape wrong, I put it into the oven anyway. When it gets done, it goes to the holding plate. Maybe another customer will order it?

I got three stars in Level 240. It is the first level in Cookiehagen.

The new recipes in Level 241 are:

Chocolate Man Cookies

Chocolate Star Cookies

I got three stars on Level 241.

The new recipes for Level 242 are:

Cranberry Pie

Gingerbread Cake

I got three stars in Level 242.

Grandma: Ah, those cookies make me feel like a kid again! I’ll have to pass along my gingerbread recipe to you.

Pepper: I’d love that, thank you! Baking tips and recipes are always welcome.

Grandma: Just be sure to take them out of the oven as soon as they’re done. Cookies burn quickly!

I like that Grandma is helping Pepper by sharing her very own cookie recipes. It is a nice example of women helping women.

The new recipes for Level 243 are:

Egg Nog

Gingerbread Man Cookies

Gingerbread Star Cookies

Gingerbread Tree Cookies

I got three stars in Level 243.

I got three stars in Level 244.

Cowboy: That egg nog is top notch! Everyone in town is talking about it.

Pepper: The secret is the fresh eggs that I buy from your farm.

Cowboy: Say, you should try the ham from the farm too. Your customers would love it, especially me!

Early in Kitchen Scramble, the game establishes that Pepper’s customers follow her from one town to the next. She has a core group of dedicated fans, and some additional customers that show up sometimes (but don’t appear in every town).

It is an odd coincidence that Chef Crisp just so happened to be in Cookiehagen when Pepper accidentally ended up there. Neither she, nor Pepper, have winter clothing to wear. Maybe the weather caused them both to get diverted to Cookiehagen at the same time?

The coolest thing about Cookiehagen is that Pepper’s super-fans show up wearing winter clothing. They are fully prepared to eat at her food truck until she moves on to the next town! I find it amusing to see what these customers wear when it gets cold outside.

The new recipe for Level 245 is:

Baked Ham

I got three stars in Level 245.

The new recipe for Level 246 is:

Cheesy Ham Soup

I got three stars on Level 246.

Grandpa: That Cheesy Ham Soup makes all my aches and pains melt away.

Grandpa: In fact, I feel good enough to join the Senior Sledders Club!

Pepper: Fantastic! Be careful out there!

The new recipe for Level 247 is:

Ham Quiche

I got three stars on Level 247.

The new recipes for Level 248 are:

Ham Casserole

Fruit Cake

I got three stars in Level 248.

I got three stars in Level 249.

I got three stars in Level 250.

The new recipe for Level 251 is:

Cranberry Sauce

There does not appear to be any information online about the name of the character who has a bird on her head. I’m going to call her “Birdwatcher”.

Birdwatcher: There’s something special about cranberries. They make any day feel like a holiday.

Pepper: Every day feels like a holiday in Cookiehagen.

I got three stars in Level 251. It is the last level in the first part of Cookiehagen.

Here is what the first part of Cookiehagen looked like when I finished it.

There is always a Token Gate in the middle of a town. Players can earn Tokens by getting stars in the levels.

The new recipe for Level 252 is:

Potato Ham Soup

I got three stars on Level 252.

I now have purchased both parts of the Premium Double Oven. It cost 39 Kitchen Cash.

This is what the inside of the Food Truck looks like in Cookiehagen. You can see the double oven on the wall. It is incredibly useful because there are often several customers who all order cookies at the same time.

The new recipe for Level 253 is:

Cranberry Bread

Student: Have you heard? People are saying they’ve seen a monster rumbling through Cookiehagen!

Pepper: A monster? Like an abominable snowman?

These two characters might not realize it yet, but they are talking about the Chowder Monster. It is a nuisance that first appears in Chowderville.

The Chowder Monster is there to annoy the player. It makes the game more stressful. If the player doesn’t give the Chowder Monster what he ordered fast enough – he throws a fit.

The Chowder Monster takes one or two customers with it when it leaves. This is bad because the result is that the player loses the potential coins from up to three customers at once.

Why is a Chowder Monster in Cookiehagen? The best explanation I can come up with is that it likes Pepper’s cooking. Many of Pepper’s customers follow her Food Truck from one town to another.

I got three stars in Level 253.

In the screenshot above, you can see the Chowder Monster. It wants Egg Nog. Several other customers will also order Egg Nog. The player has no choice but to let the Chowder Monster cut the line.

The double oven in the screenshot above is the Premium version. Players have to buy each part separately. Each costs 39 Kitchen Cash.

The new recipe for Level 254 is:

Bread Pudding

I got three stars in Level 254.

Soccer Player: I have no winter coat, and no place to play soccer, but the smell of warm bread pudding kept me in town!

Many of the Kitchen Scramble customers are named after something they do. Soccer Player first appeared in Albuqueso.

Pepper: Brrrrr… aren’t you freezing??

It is so cold in Cookiehagen that Pepper’s teeth are chattering. She’s unable to stop herself from adding excessive letter r’s and extra punctuation marks.

Soccer Player: Yeah, I got lost in a snowstorm and ended up here.

Pepper: Sounds familiar.

The new recipes for Level 255 are:

Peppermint Chocolate Cake

Cranberry Applesauce

I got three stars on Level 255.

The new recipe for Level 256 is:


I got three stars on Level 256.

The new recipes for Level 257 are:

Chocolate Pie

Chocolate Pudding

These two recipes may sound familiar. Players had to learn how to make them both back in Dessert Oasis.

I got three stars in Level 257.

Hipster: Isn’t it sort of inefficient to make 2 cookies at a time? Why not just make a big batch?

Pepper: It does take extra effort, but I want every customer to enjoy cookies that are fresh from the oven.

Hipster: Nice. Everyone in town says they going to eat as many cookie as possible before you leave town, so get ready for a serious cookie craze!

There’s a typo in the Hipster’s statement. It is missing a word. It should say “Everyone in town says they are going to eat…”

I got three stars Level 258.

The new recipe for Level 259 is:

Cranberry Apple Cobbler

I got three stars on Level 259.

I got three stars on Level 260.

I got three stars on Level 261.

Pepper: Whew, it’s not easy keeping all these cookies straight!

Grandpa: Just wait ’til your my age. I can’t even keep my grandkids’ names straight.

That sentence has typos. According to Merriam Webster, ’til is disapproved of in formal writing. A slightly more acceptable version is till, which is also incorrect. The best way to write that sentence is with until.

Another error is with the word your – which should have been you’re.

It also bothers me that Grandpa did the “wait until you get older” thing to Pepper. She’s confiding that she had difficulty remembering all the differences in the various cookie recipes.

He is not providing sympathy. Instead, he makes the conversation all about him. Oh, no… I hope he’s not awkwardly trying to flirt with Pepper!

Pepper: I don’t know, you seem younger than ever to me. This place seems to bring out the child in everyone.

Of course, the conversation turns to Grandpa, while Pepper’s problem was ignored. She compliments him, saying he looks younger than ever. If Grandpa was trying to flirt, he may now have the impression that she was flirting back. I doubt she is, though.

It is not unusual for people who work in jobs like Pepper’s (food service, retail, etc.) to be especially polite and friendly to their customers – even when the customers are saying things that make the worker feel icky. She can’t tell him off because he is one of her most frequent customers.

Grandpa: You might be right. Well, see ya soon. I’m going ice skating with my grandkids, whatever their names are!

Perhaps I have misinterpreted Grandpa’s intentions. It is possible that he is having trouble remember things – including his grandkids names. He does not seem to be aware that this is not a good sign.

Or, maybe Grandpa likes to tell self-deprecating jokes when he is flirting with girls that …could be young enough to be his grandkid?

What I do know is that I’ve been through this type if unnerving experience way too many times when I worked retail. There are always older men who think it’s appropriate to bother much younger workers who can neither leave or verbally fight back.

I got three stars in Level 262.

I got three stars on Level 263.

Level 263 is one of those levels where the player must serve a certain amount of a specific recipe in order to complete the level. This time, it was Mulled Cider.

The recipe itself is simple. It only requires two ingredients. What makes Level 263 difficult is that the game doesn’t always give players enough customers who want Mulled Cider. Players cannot give a recipe to customer who did not order it.

I got three stars on Level 264.

Pepper: What a wonderful time I’ve had here in Cookiehagen.

Fashionista: It’s amazing how such a cold snowy place can make you feel so warm.

Pepper: Warm as a fresh baked cookie, that’s for sure. Well, it’s time to make my way back to the Chef Academy.

This is foreshadowing. The next town in Kitchen Scramble is Chef Academy 3. No, there aren’t three entirely separate Chef Academies. The first time Pepper went there, it was called Chef Academy. When she visited the second time, it was called Chef Academy 2.

Pepper: I can’t wait to share all my new recipes with everyone there. See you soon!

Pepper isn’t offering to write down her recipes and hand them out to people. Instead, she is saying that she is ready to move her Food Truck out of Cookiehagen. Pepper knows that her core group of customers will, eventually, follow her to the next town.

Here is what the second half of Cookiehagen looked like when I was done.

I finished the Location Goals in Cookiehagen. This took much longer to accomplish than I expected. The one that took the longest was the 500 Cranberry Pies because very few of the levels include that recipe.

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