Dessert Oasis is the seventh town in the Kitchen Scramble game. In this town, all of the customers want desserts. Most of the desserts include sugar, but there are also some options that have fresh fruit in them. Throughout the game, there has been an emphasis on choosing healthy foods.

Kitchen Scramble is a time-management game where players need to learn the recipes that each town requires, make those recipes, and serve them to the customers before they get angry and leave. It’s not easy. Some of the recipes in Dessert Oasis require the use of two or more appliances.

I was happy to be done with the previous town, Chowderville, and the Chowderville Sea Monster. When he arrives at the food truck, players have to serve him very quickly. He is super impatient and will throw a fit, and then take one or two customers away with him.

At the end of Chowderville, players had to wait for Truck Maintenance to go by.  It’s a countdown in real-time that blocks players from moving on to the next town right away.

New Appliance: Ice Cream Maker – I scream, you scream…

Players are required to buy the Ice Cream Maker before they can start working on the Dessert Oasis levels. There are several different ice cream recipes that customers will order. You can’t make any of them without an Ice Cream Maker.

The Ice Cream Maker costs 100,000 coins. I had enough coins to buy it. Players who don’t have enough coins can go back to previous towns and play through those levels until they get enough coins.

Pepper: Am I lost? This can’t be Dessert Oasis. There’s no dessert here… only desert.

Texter: Yes, I’m afraid whoever named this place didn’t know how to spell.

The Kitchen Scramble Wiki identifies this new character as Texter. She’s usually looking at and trying to use her phone. When she comes to the food truck, and her heart level goes down, she starts getting angry at her phone instead of at Pepper.

Texter: People come here seeking sweets, and find only sand.

Pepper: Well then, its time to put an end to the confusion.

Pepper: Let’s make this place live up to its name, shall we?

This is what the inside of the food truck looks like at the start of Dessert Oasis. The newly purchased Ice Cream Maker is in the corner. The shelves and refrigerator will have more ingredients added as the player progresses through the levels.

I got two stars on Level 140. It is the first level in Dessert Oasis.

Texter: Seriously, that was the best ice cream I’ve ever had. What a way to beat the heat.

Pepper: That’s sweet of you, thanks. Please spread the word!

Texter: Absolutely. I’ll text everyone I know!

Texter: If I can ever get a signal on my phone, that is. Reception in the desert is the pits!

One of the recipes players must make in Dessert Oasis is Chocolate Pudding. Some customers order it by itself, and others want a Chocolate Pudding Pie.

Chef Crisp: Good news, Pepper! You have unlocked the Revive Dish boost!

Chef Crisp is an NPC (non-player character) who has sort of, kind of, offered Pepper a job as an instructor in the Chef Academy. She hinted that Pepper would have to master six regional cuisines in order to qualify.

Pepper is the player character. At this point in the game, she has mastered the cuisines of Pittsburger, Waffleton, Mozzarama, Molassessippi, and Chowderville. She’s ready to start mastering the cuisine of Dessert Oasis.

Chef Crisp: Use the Revive Dish to revert burnt dishes back to its finished state while it is still on the appliance. Make sure to use the Revive Dish while the burnt dish is still on the appliance! You can find the Revive Dish in the booster menu.

So far, every time I’ve tried to use the Revive Dish – I’ve done it wrong. By the time I realize what I’ve done, the dish is out of the appliance and can no longer be revived.

Kitchen Scramble has Daily Quests where players can earn things that are useful. One of the prizes is Kitchen Cash, which is a currency that players can purchase with real-world money. I had enough to buy the Premium Double Oven.

Premium Double Oven: Cook two items at once with this double oven.

I got two stars in Level 141.

I got three stars in Level 142.

Pepper: Whew, all this cooking is making the desert even hotter!

Texter: I know, it’s fantastic. The extra steam in the air is improving my phone reception!

Can “extra steam in the air” really improve phone reception?  I did a Google search, but nothing at all came up that even remotely indicated that steam could do that. But, in this game, with a Chowder Monster … I suppose anything is possible.

I got three stars in level 143.

Fez: My taste buds are in heaven! Hope you don’t mind my double orders I just can’t get enough!

The Kitchen Scramble Wiki identifies this nicely dressed character as Fez. The hat he is wearing is called a Fez. He is the first Kitchen Scramble character to ask for two orders of the same item at the same time. (Later on, other characters start making double orders, too.)

Pepper: And I can’t get enough of these gorgeous desert skies.

Pepper: In fact, the heat doesn’t even bother me anymore. I think I’m ready to start using the oven.

I got three stars in Level 144. It was the type of level where players must serve a specific amount of a certain type of food to customers. In this case, the special food was Apple Pie. It requires the oven.

Guess who’s back?  That’s right… my least favorite Kitchen Scramble character made an appearance in Dessert Oasis.

Pepper: So, Mr. Chowder Monster. How on earth did you make it all the way to the desert?

Chowder Monster:

Pepper: I’m flattered that you followed me here. But there’s not much water around. You should get back to the ocean.

Chowder Monster:

Pepper: Okay then. Nice talking with you. Take care, my friend.

I got three stars in Level 145.

I got three stars in Level 146.

Chef Crisp: Pepper, I hear you’re creating a whole new food craze… dessert in the desert. Remarkable!

Chef Crisp: I do hope you’re still planning to apply for the instructor position.

Pepper: Definitely. I’ll send in my application tomorrow!

I got three stars in Level 147.

I got three stars in Level 148.

I got three stars in Level 149.

Upgrade Unlocked! New upgrade available in the Market!

Ice Cream Maker L2: Who doesn’t want ice cream faster?

The Ice Cream Maker L2 costs 200,000 coins, which is the in-game currency. Players earn coins just by playing through levels.

Pepper: So, you received my application?

Chef Crisp: Yes. It was covered in sand and chocolate pudding, but it was clear that you’re now more than qualified.

Chef Crisp: Please be ready for a phone interview next Friday at 5:00.

Pepper: Wonderful! I’ll be ready.

I got three stars in Level 150.

I got three stars in Level 151. It is the last level in the first part of Dessert Oasis.

Here is what the first part of Dessert Oasis looked like when I was finished with it.

There is a Token Gate that blocks players from starting the second half of Dessert Oasis. I can’t remember how many Tokens this one required. Players can get Tokens from earning stars in Levels, by completing Location Goals, and by doing Daily Quests.

I got three stars in Level 152. It is the first level in the second part of Dessert Oasis.

I got three stars in Level 153. This one required players to serve at least three Affogato drinks.

To make one Affagato drink, the player must put milk, sugar, and an egg into the Ice Cream Maker. The player character can only carry two things at a time. The coffee pot must be turned on and have at least one cup of coffee in it. Take a cup of coffee and put it on the Work Board. Then, add the finished ice cream to the coffee. Wait for it to mix… and if the customer who ordered it is still there… serve!

The most difficult part of serving Affogato drinks is that it reduces the amount of coffee that is available to appease grumpy customers. There is a risk that one customer’s heart level will drop so far that he or she leaves and that the customer who wanted the Affogato will also get grumpy and leave before the player can serve it.

I got three stars in Level 154. This one required players to serve at least three Banana Breads to customers.

I got three stars on Level 155, where players are required to serve at least two Chocolate Cakes to customers.

Some levels in Dessert Oasis require players to serve Pecan Pie. One of the Location Goals also requires players to serve a certain number of Pecan Pies. These are tricky, and require the use of two appliances. Things move faster if you buy the Premium Double Oven.

I got three stars in Level 156. This one requires players to serve at least two Pecan Pralines. This took more than one try because the game doesn’t always give player enough customers who want to order the special item.

Pepper has a row full of customers who all want ice cream. The Ice Cream Maker L2 is faster than the first version, but it can only make one ice cream at a time.

Customers who have an * over their head will accept anything you give them. They provide players with the opportunity to serve whatever the special item happens to be.

I got three stars in level 157. This one required players to serve at least 8 orders of Chocolate Chip Cookies. I ended up serving double the required amount.

Texter: Ugh, I’ve been getting no signal on my phone all day.

Pepper: Oh no, I’m supposed to have my big phone interview tomorrow.

Texter: Don’t worry, just keep the kitchen nice and steamy, and you’ll get a decent signal.

Level 158 is especially challenging. Almost all of the recipes are ones that the player can grab and serve immediately. The coffee requires players to turn on the Coffee Pot (or refill it). The Whipped Cream requires players to put milk and sugar into the Mixer.

It is possible to spend Kitchen Cash to purchase premium sugar. Customers pay more for items that have a premium ingredient than they would if the items had regular ingredients.

If you don’t have the Kitchen Cash, and don’t want to pay real-world money to get some… it’s going to take a long time to get through Level 158. The first time I tried it, I was only able to get one star.

After many attempts, the game gave me a “lucky” mix of random customers, and I was able to get three stars on Level 158.

Texter: Did you have your phone interview? How did it go?

Pepper: Terribly. The reception was so bad, they said I sounded like a drowning robot.

I got three stars in Level 159. This level required players to serve Turkish Delight to at least 8 customers.

This time, the game gave me plenty of customers who wanted the special. The trick was to make it and serve it fast enough.

Chef Crisp: Pepper, I’ve been meaning to talk with you about the instructor position.

Chef Crisp: I did my best to plead your case, but they offered the job to, uh… someone else.

Pepper: That’s the last time I do a phone interview in the middle of the desert.

Chef Crisp: Now, we do need someone to teach Onion Chopping 101. You’d be overqualified, but think about it.

As a former teacher, I can say that this sort of thing really does happen in Education. When I was in college, we were taught that if you get your degree in Education, and then become a substitute teacher in the district you want to work in … a teaching job would appear. The idea was that the school would already know who you were and what you can do.

For me, no job ever appeared. A teacher retired, and the school moved up the rest of the teachers in that subject, and cut the open position right out of existence. Years later, and in an entirely different location, the only teaching job I was offered was as a teacher’s assistant (which I was overqualified for).

It seems to me that Pepper was applying for a job that came with a salary, health insurance coverage, and possible other benefits. But now, she’s being offered an hourly job with no benefits. Chef Academy is trying to get itself a bargain – by hiring a qualified instructor for a lower amount of pay than she deserves.

I got three stars on Level 160.

I managed to earn enough Kitchen Cash to buy a Premium item.  I decided to get the Premium Sauce Pot.

Premium Sauce Pot: Heating all your sauces fast and furious.

The Premium appliances are gold. It makes them easy to spot. The Premium appliances are always faster than the previous versions of the same appliance.

I got three stars in Level 162.

I got two stars on Level 163.

I forgot to take a screenshot of how I did with Level 164. You can see in the map towards the bottom of this blog post that I was only able to get 1 star in that one. Level 164 is the last level in Dessert Oasis.

Fez: Your dessert truck is the best thing that ever happened in this desert. Don’t ever leave!

Pepper: I do love it here, but I’ve had enough sugar and sand for awhile. I’m ready for a change.

Pepper: I’ll leave you all of my recipes so that Dessert Oasis will forever be a mecca for sugar-lovers around the world!

This is what the second part of Dessert Oasis looked like when I was finished with it.

As usual, there is a Truck Maintenance roadblock that prevents players from moving on to the next town. The countdown is in real-time, and it takes 24 hours before it goes away. When this happens, I leave Kitchen Scramble and go do other things.


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