Chef Academy 3 is the twelfth town in the Kitchen Scramble game. None of the recipes in this town are new to the player. All the recipes come from towns that the player has already completed.

The interesting thing about these recipes is that they are in groups. It starts with breakfast foods, followed by “small plates”, foods that could be a sizable lunch or dinner, and desserts.

Despite how it sounds, there are not actually three, separate, Chef Academies in Kitchen Scramble. The first time Pepper goes there, the town is called Chef Academy. The second time she visits, it is called Chef Academy 2.

On Pepper’s third visit, the town is called Chef Academy 3. The NPCs (non-player characters) in the game don’t appear to notice the difference. The Chef Academy towns are given numbers, perhaps because they could not give all three locations the same name.

As always in Kitchen Scramble, players who are about to start a new town must wait 24 hours, in real-time, before they can play. Those who are impatient can spend real-world money to buy Kitchen Cash and use it to unlock the Truck Maintenance.

Pepper: Chef Crisp! I’m back on campus!

Chef Crisp: Welcome! I’m excited for you to teach our students the unique cuisines you’ve experienced.

Pepper: And what better way to start than with the most important meal of the day?

This time, Pepper gets to teach the courses on breakfast foods, “small plates”, larger plates that could be a full meal, and desserts. The first group of levels in Chef Academy 3 include breakfast foods.

I got three stars on Level 265. It is the first level in Chef Academy 3.

I got three stars on Level 266.

Grandpa: My wife is going to love these recipes. Thanks for sharing your tips with us!

Pepper: And thanks to you for participating. I hope its been easy to follow.

Grandpa: Don’t worry, I’ve been taking good notes!

I got three stars in Level 267.

I got three stars in Level 268.

I got three stars on Level 269. It is the last level with breakfast foods.

Racecar Driver: Pepper, I enjoyed the last batch of classes but I’m interested in trying a vegetarian diet, do you have anything on the syllabus for that?

Pepper: Of course! I have something in mind for you.

Level 270 includes four recipes. All of them are salads.

I got three stars on Level 270. It is the first of the “small plates” levels.

Pepper: How was that first class?

Racecar Driver: Delicious. I didn’t know I could enjoy vegetables this much. Sign me up for more of these classes!

I got three stars in Level 271. All of the recipes in level 271 are for a variety of soups.

Grandma: Pepper! Thanks to you, my husband has learned to make amazing breakfasts.

Both Grandma and Grandpa are non-player characters. Up until this point, it seemed like they could simply be two senior citizens, who both happen to love Pepper’s food truck enough to travel around in search of it.

Earlier in Chef Academy 3, Grandpa tells Pepper that his wife will love the breakfast recipes he learned. Now, Grandma is telling Pepper that her husband learned how to make amazing breakfasts. These two are a married couple!

Pepper: That’s great to hear! He was one of my best students.

Grandma: I need to return the favor, can you teach me about appetizers? He loves small plates.

Pepper: You bet I can!

I got three stars on Level 272.

The remaining levels in the first part of Chef Academy 3 have “small plates”.

There are a mixture of recipes in level 273.

Pepper: Wow you made it all the way from Little Wok just to take my class?

Little Wok is the ninth town in Kitchen Scramble. It includes a variety of recipes from Asian cuisine.

Monk: I’ve never had egg drop soup and spring rolls like yours before. I had to learn your ways.

Pepper: I’m honored!

I got three stars in level 273.

I got three stars in level 274. The recipes in this level include some soups, some salads, and a few recipes from Albuqueso.

Level 275 has some recipes from Albuqueso – and more.

I got three stars on Level 275.

Level 276 includes some recipes from Little Wok, along with some recipes from other towns.

I got three stars on Level 276. It is the last level in the first part of Chef Academy 3.

Here is what the first part of Chef Academy 3 looked like when I was done.

Players must pass a Token Gate before they can continue to the second part of any town in Kitchen Scramble. The way to get through is to pay with Tokens.

Players can earn up to 3 Tokens each time they earn a star in a level. It is also possible to earn Tokens as prizes.

Starting with level 277, the recipes switch from “small plates” to foods that could be considered either lunch or dinner.

I got three stars in Level 277.

Soccer Player: Pepper! The Albuqueso Burritos have another tournament coming up. We need your help!

The Soccer Player first appears in Albuqueso. He is part of a team called the Albuqueso Burritos. The storyline in that town involves a soccer team that loses most of its games. The team improves after eating foods from Pepper’s food truck.

It appears that the Soccer Player is hoping that his team can win the upcoming tournament if Pepper helps them by serving foods from Albuqueso.

Pepper: Sounds like you need some protein meals. Perfect timing my Protein Power class is starting soon.

I find it interesting that Kitchen Scramble has Pepper teaching a Protein Power Class. Today, we hear a lot about people who have decided to be on the Keto diet or the Paleo diet – which focus on protein. But, Kitchen Scramble was made in 2013 (or, possibly a little earlier). It was ahead of its time.

Soccer Player: I can’t wait!

The recipes in level 278 include many from Albuqueso. The only recipe that doesn’t contain protein is the Horchata. Many customers ordered it in that town, but none of them order it here.

I failed to take a screenshot that shows I got three stars in Level 278. You can see that I really did by looking at the map of the second half of Chef Academy 3 towards the bottom of this blog post.

The recipes in level 279 also include plenty of protein. Many are from Albuqueso, but not all. If I remember correctly, the bacon burger comes from Pittsburger.

I got three stars Level 279.

Pepper: How did the tournament go??

Pepper is so anxious to learn the result of the tournament that she’s added an extra question mark. This is not the first time Kitchen Scramble has decided to add more punctuation marks in a character’s speech bubbles.

Soccer Player: We won again! Thanks to your classes! Can you teach me some recipes for a victory party?

Pepper: No problemo!

I got three stars in Level 280.

I got three stars on Level 281

The recipes for level 282 come from Mozzaroma.

I got three stars on Level 282.

The recipes for level 283 come from Little Wok and Albuqueso. It is a combination of recipes from Asian countries and recipes from Central and South American countries. It seems that Pepper was going for some kind of “fusion” style this time.

I got three stars on Level 283.

Level 284 is the last one with dinner or lunch recipes. I got three stars in this level, but failed to take a screenshot of it.

Chef Crisp: Your classes are so popular! Each one has been filled to capacity.

Pepper: Wow, I guess people are really interested in the foods across the world.

Chef Crisp: What’s next? People are desperate to know.

Pepper: I saved the best for last. Desserts!

The remaining levels in Chef Academy 3 feature dessert recipes from Cookiehagen and other towns.

I got three stars in Level 285.

I got three stars in Level 286.

I got three stars on Level 287. I also got three stars in Level 288, but forgot to take a screenshot of it.

Texter: Is your famous blueberry pie on the menu? I would love to learn that dish. It’s my favorite.

Pepper: It sure is, follow my lead!

I got three stars in Level 289. It is the only level in Chef Academy 3 that includes blueberry pie. It is also the last level in this town.

This is what the second half of Chef Academy 3 looked like when I was done with it. I still have to complete one of the Location Goals, and I will update this blog whenever I get that finished.

UPDATE: I was able to complete the Chef Academy 3 Location Goals. It took a lot of attempts.


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