Mangotego Bay is the fourteenth town in the Kitchen Scramble game. Some of the recipes include fruity drinks (that do not appear to be alcoholic). Many recipes must be cooked on a grill, or thrown into a fryer.

It’s a good idea to get the highest level fryer before starting this town. Players should also save up plenty of gold, because they must make an appliance purchase before they can start Mangotego Bay levels.

As usual, players must wait 24 hours, in real time, for Truck Maintenance to finish. Those who don’t want to wait that long can pay real world money to speed up the wait.

New Appliance! Grill: Food tastes better if it’s cooked on a grill!

This is a required purchase. It is not possible to play the levels in Mangotego Bay if your Food Truck lacks a grill.

The Grill costs 100,000 gold (the in-game currency). Players who don’t have that much gold can go back to previous towns, and play through levels, to earn more.

Pepper: Wow, what a beautiful sunset! At long last, I’ve arrived at Mangotego Bay.

Brio: Greetings, welcome! What brings you to our waters?

The Kitchen Scramble Wiki says that this new character is called Brio. He is a scuba diver.

I find this interesting because, unlike Pepper, the majority of the Kitchen Scramble characters are named after their job. In Mount Foodji, the new character was named Mei. She was a student. So far, they are the only exceptions to the rule of naming characters after what they do.

Pepper: The world class snorkeling and the world class food, of course! I’ve been dreaming of fresh grilled plantains…

The new recipes for Level 315 are:

Grilled Pineapple

Grilled Plantains

Mango Salsa

Rice and Peas

This is what the inside of the Food Truck looks like at the start of Mangotego Bay. It has the Level 1 Grill, and it is slow.

I got three stars on Level 315.

Pepper: Aren’t fresh mangos the best? By the way, I don’t think I caught your name.

Brio: Everyone calls me Brio. It means “brave”. They think I’m fearless because I dive with the lions…

Pepper: There are lions around here?!

Brio: Oh! I meant the fish kind, not the jungle kind. Lionfish are common around the reef here.

Brio: They are highly venomous, but I keep a respectful distance.

I got three stars in Level 316.

The two “new” recipes for Level 317 aren’t actually new. Players first saw them in Molassessippi. They are:

Baked Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato Fries

I got three stars in Level 317.

The new recipe for Level 317 is:

Jerk Chicken

I got three stars in Level 317. To complete this level, players had to serve at least 6 Jerk Chicken dishes to customers.

I got two stars in Level 319.

The new recipes for Level 320 are:

Coconut Mango Smoothie

Pineapple Coconut Smoothie

Mango Pineapple Smoothie

What do you need if you intend to make a lot of smoothies? A blender, of course! It should come as no surprise that players are required to buy a blender before they can begin Level 320.

Blender: Basic blender. It’ll blend its way right into your heart!

The Basic Blender costs 100,000 gold (which is the in-game currency). Players who do not have that much gold cannot continue through Mangotego Bay until they obtain it and buy this blender.

Here is what the inside of the Food Truck looks like at this point in Mangotengo Bay. The Basic Blender is on the front counter. It is incredibly slow!

I got three stars in Level 320. This level required players to serve at least 4 Mango Pineapple Smoothies to customers.

Brio: I just saw the most terrible thing while I was out diving!

Pepper: Oh no, what was it?

Brio: I found an underwater pipe leading into the water. It was spewing out pollution! The reef is sick, and the fish are leaving!

Pepper: That’s horrible! Do you know where it is coming from?

Brio: Yes, the pipe leads back to a new restaurant in town. Who would pollute the waters like that?!

Pepper: Wait…you said it was a NEW restaurant? I might have an idea who is behind this!

By the time a player gets this far into Kitchen Scramble, they likely have a good guess about exactly who Pepper is thinking of.

The new recipes for Level 321 are:

Shrimp and Pineapple Kebab

Chicken and Onion Kebab

I got two stars on Level 321.

The new recipe for Level 322 is:

Fried Bake

To make this recipe, the player must pick up some dough from the shelf and throw it directly into the fryer.

I got two stars on Level 322.

After players complete Level 322 (with at least one star) the Blender L2 unlocks. It is an upgrade to the Basic Blender.

Grill L2 is also unlocked. Each of these new appliances costs 200,000 gold. Players are going to have to make a choice about which one to buy first – unless they happen to have 400,000 on them.

Grill L2: Listen to your kebab sizzle over the flames.

I decided to buy the Grill L2 first because it is used to make more recipes than the blender does. My next goal was to earn another 200,000 gold so I could buy the Blender L2 later.

Here is the Grill L2 inside the Food Truck in Mangotengo Bay. The Basic Blender is missing because I was playing an earlier level when I took this screenshot. It was one that did not involve smoothies.

Candace: I was wondering when you would show up and try to ruin everything again.

Candace is Pepper’s rival. They are polar opposites when it comes to food. Pepper uses fresh meat and vegetables. Players can earn – or buy – ingredients that are organic. The customers pay more for dishes that include premium ingredients.

Candace, on the other hand, has a bad reputation. In Mozzarama, she got caught injecting “a strange green liquid” into some old tomatoes, and she dumped chemical waste into the river.

In Chef Academy 2, Candace was hired to teach Regional Cuisine. All of her students were failing the class, in part because she wasn’t teaching them the basics. Pepper offers to let the students learn how to cook certain things by watching her do it at her Food Truck. Candace flunked her entire class, and was asked to resign.

And now, Candace has opened a restaurant in Mangotego Bay and is polluting the water.

Pepper: You’re the one who’s ruining everything, Candace! Your pollution is damaging the reef, and making the fish sick.

Candace: Like I care about some stupid fish! A little waste is unavoidable when you’re serving the most exotic seafood in town.

Pepper: There won’t be any seafood left if you keep this up!

The new recipe for Level 323 is:


I got three stars on Level 323. To complete this level, players had to serve at least eight Pilau dishes.

I got three stars on Level 324.

The Premium Grill unlocks after players complete Level 324. It costs 39 Kitchen Cash. I only had 2 Kitchen Cash, so I was not able to buy it.

The new recipe for Level 325 is:


I got two stars on Level 325.

The new recipe for Level 326 is:

Beef Patties

I got two stars on Level 326.

I completed the first half of Mangotego Bay.

There is always a Token Gate between the first half, and the second half, of all of the towns in Kitchen Scramble. Players must have a certain number of Tokens in order to make progress. Fortunately, the game gives players plenty of opportunities to earn tokens.

This Token Gate requires 120 Tokens.

The new recipes for Level 327 are:

Coconut Fried Chicken

Coconut Shrimp

I got three stars on Level 327. This Level required players to serve at least four Coconut Fried Chicken dishes.

The new recipe for Level 328 is:

Chicken Curry and Rice

I got two stars on Level 328.

Blender L2: Blends faster, but please don’t try blending your cell phone!

I gathered up 200,000 gold and purchased the Blender L2. It makes smoothies a little bit faster than the previous version.

Here is what the Blender L2 looks like inside the Food Truck.

Birdwatcher: I heard about Candace’s water pollution, but have you seen her menu?

Birdwatcher: Her “exotic” seafoods are all endangered species! We have to stop her!

Pepper: I have an idea, but we’ll need all the help we can get. Fortunately, if there’s one thing I know how to do, it’s how to win people over with my cooking!

I got two stars on Level 329. This level required players to serve at least five Chicken Curry and Rice dishes to customers.

I got three stars in Level 330.

I got three stars on Level 331.

Candace: I know what you’re up to, Pepper, and it’s not going to work. You’ll never steal my customers with your silly little food truck!

Pepper: You’re going to make your customers sick with all those chemical additives, just like you’re doing to the fish in the bay!

Candace: Nonsense, I eat my own cooking every day, and look at me! I’m fine!

I got three stars on Level 332. This level required players to serve at least three Shrimp and Pineapple Kebab dishes to customers.

I got two stars on Level 333.

Pepper: My gosh, if Candace has been eating her own chemically enhanced food all this time, it’s not enhanced food all the time, it’s no wonder she’s half crazy!

Cop: She’s definitely breaking a few laws, but it’ll take months to legally prove it and shut her down.

Pepper: Well, word is spreading fast about her slimy tactics. I think we’ll put her out of business before too long.

I got two stars on Level 334. It required players to serve at least nine servings of Mango Salsa.

I got three stars on Level 335.

I got three stars on Level 336.

I got three stars on Level 337.

Candace: You might have pushed me out of another town, but this isn’t over! I’ll find other people to buy my food!

Pepper: Other people to exploit, you mean! I hope you stop and think about what those chemicals are doing to YOU Candace!

I got two stars in Level 338. This level required players to serve at least four Coconut Shrimp dishes to customers.

Pepper: It’s hard to believe that Candace and I were once friends… she used to be so different!

Brio: The good news is, now that she’s gone, the water is clearing up and the fish are returning to the reef! Thank you for all your help!

I got three stars on Level 339. This one required players to serve at least three tostones to customers.

Pepper: Something tells me I won’t be able to rest, so long a Candace is out there. She’s plotting something. I just know it.

Chef Crisp: Then we should follow her! You might be the only person who can stop Candace before she does something unconscionable.

Pepper: You might be right, Chef Crisp. In that case, it looks like we’ll be catching the next ferry boat out to those islands.

Here’s what the second half of Mangotego Bay looked like when I was done.

I finished all of the location goals for Mangotego Bay.

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