Seekers Notes is a “find the hidden object” game where the player becomes The Seeker. The game includes a creepy storyline that has a lot of twists and turns.

The game also involves finding hidden objects at different locations. Ideally, the quest item that the player must find will drop. In December, Seekers Notes released their Christmas event. It is called Mystery of December.

The Mystery of December event starts with a festive scroll.

Happy holidays! Entrust the delivery of gifts to the Darkwood Gift Post Office! Everything for your convenience!

The Gift Post Office location is an important part of the Mystery of December event. It is the location that players must build up to the highest rank in order to complete the entire event and earn some special prizes.

Players who raise up the Gift Post Office location to Virtuoso before the event ends earn two special avatars.

Players who finish all of the quest chains in the Mystery of December before the event ends earn a Long-Awaited Gifts Chest and a unique Fairy-Tale Snowfall jewelry box.

Players who placate enough of the Winter Creatures before the Mystery of December event ends receive a Christmas Deal Talisman and a unique Winter Guests picture.  The way to placate holiday creatures is to successfully find all the hidden objects in the Gift Post Office – and be lucky enough for it to drop certain holiday items.

Helen: Seeker, I have some wonderful news! In Darkwood, a cozy Gift Post Office has been opened for sending gifts. I was just about to go there, but I lost the key. Could you help me please?

The way to unlock a new location is to find the key. The player can explore any already unlocked location to find it. I decided to explore the Cafe location.

I found the Gift Post Office key.

Helen: Thank you! Be sure to stop by the Gift Post Office! I won’t talk much about the coziness and beauty of the place: it’s better to see something once for yourself than to here about it a thousand times!

I unlocked the Gift Post Office.

Helen: Seeker, you’ll need Christmas Ornaments to explore the Gift Post Office. Here are 10 access passes for now.

Each holiday location requires the player to collect up a certain amount of unique access passes. The Mystery of December event requires Christmas Ornaments. The way to obtain them (beyond the first ten) is to find all the hidden objects in any location, and hope that they drop.

Every time the player raises the Gift Post Office to a higher rank – the locations cost more Christmas Ornaments than it did before.

The Old Gift Post Office: The old post office building has been closed since the Curse fell upon the city. There used be a long-distance correspondence department there, which, unfortunately, shut down. But now we have a real Gift Post Office for sending and receiving gifts! The bright lights and the fragrance of spruce give the Gift Post Office a magical atmosphere! This might just be one of the coziest places in the city.

Helen: Oh, customers will be coming to the Gift Post Office very soon, but we’re not ready yet!

The player must click on: I’ll help you.

Helen: Thank you for your help, Seeker! You know, there used to be a long-distance correspondence department here, but it was closed so long ago that nobody’s been in here in years and years. Let’s hang an “Open” sign on the door.

I found the “Open” sign.

Helen: Excellent! The sign is now adorning the door. It will show everyone that the closed post office has reopened for business!

Helen: The days in the run-up to the winter holidays are my favorite time of year. Everything all around is filled with a special kind of magic, isn’t it? Shiny ornaments and lights on Christmas trees, gifts… But it feels like there’s something missing at the Gift Post Office.

I found the colorful wreath.

Helen: A colorful wreath will add the final touch to the Gift Post Office’s decor! Let’s hang it on the front door. Now no one will pass by without coming in.

Helen: The weather in Darkwood is unpredictable as always! Bitter frost can change to glorious sunshine in an instant, and a calm day can turn into a blizzard. Let’s make hot drinks for our freezing visitors!

I found the hot drinks.

Helen: Invigorating coffee, fragrant hot chocolate, hot tea – we’ve prepared drinks to suit every taste! Oh, and here are our first visitors.

Peter: I’ve brought a whole pile of gifts! How marvelous it is in here! Can I have some hot chocolate? Thank you. It’d be great to have some home-made gingerbread to go with it!

I found the gingerbread.

Peter: Wow! You even have gingerbread cookies here! They are so scrumptious, just like the ones that father and I make for the winter holidays. Can I take one for my father?

Helen: Pete is so sweet, he gets gifts for all his friends every year. Let’s attach address tags to the gifts so that there’s no mix-up.

I found the address tags.

I earned a new rank in the Gift Post Office location: Amateur.

I earned the Flying Time reward.

Next, I need to move the Gift Post Office rank up to Connoisseur.

Helen: Perfect! No gift will go astray now. Don’t you agree that gifts are the most important part of the winter holidays?

Helen: The townspeople liked the idea of delivering gifts through the post; new boxes keep arriving! Let’s make the postman’s job easier by making a complete register of the gifts.

The way to complete the Gift Register quest is to assemble a collection. By this point, the player will have collected up all of the main items in the corresponding collection.

As you can see, I had collected one of each of the necessary items for the Gift Post Office Revival. I did not have any of the extra items that this collection required. The way to get them was to placate some of the Mystery of December creatures.

Eventually, I gathered up enough of the special Mystery of December extra items. The nice thing about it was that I was able to make progress on the next quest chain while gathering those items.

I have now completed the Gift Post Office Revival collection.

Here are the rewards that I received for completing the Gift Post Office Revival collection.

Helen: Ten gifts for Lady Byron to go to the Byron mansion… That’s it, the gift register is ready! We’ve done a great job!

Helen: It’s terrible! The townspeople’s gifts have been ruined: someone ripped up the wrappings and tore off the bows!

The player responds: Oh no!

This dramatic ending to the first quest chain in the Mystery of December event leads the player into the next series of quests. It involves placating holiday creatures, and I had already made some progress on that.

Congratulations! You completed the stage challenge and get Lightning in a Bottle as a reward!

I have now completed the entire Stage 1 quest chain. There are five more quest chains to complete before the Mystery of December event ends.

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